Trailer for deadly-serious Fresh Prince reboot

Agreed, sounded like a terrible idea but it looks like it could be good, and certainly the original show had some real drama sprinkled in. I don’t envy the actors playing these roles, the original show was carried pretty far by the talented cast, and especially Will Smith’s generous gift of charisma.


I hope not!

MAS*H —> Trapper John, MD is another comedy to drama spin-off.


Forgot about that one.

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Thanks for posting those to the BBS. I have to admit, I enjoyed the original so much that I ran out and bought the CD. This looks better. I would watch this in a heartbeat.


Ok, but in defense of anyone who thought otherwise, I’d like to point out the teaser was exactly what someone would make if they were doing a sketch making fun of gritty reboots.


Wow, yeah, that’s pretty goofy

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