Trance legend Robert Miles dead at 47

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Aw thats too bad. Children was a little too mellow for me at the time, but I did like it. And he was one of those who helped break EDM into pop culture.

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wow, never knew the name of that track, until now

I loved that track and listened to a lot of Dream Trance in the late 90s as a teenager. The genre is all but dead now, and I can neither remember nor find good tracks from then.

Does anyone remember any names? Know where I could find some stuff for nostalgia’s sake?

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I had a few tracks in this genre floating around in MP3, I’ll have to check on my collection at home but one I remembered is The Cynic Project - Matrix ][

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Took a few minutes, but here’s a page listing all the compilations that Children was included on.
Dig into the ones released in '95 and you’ll probably find some good stuff.

I, on the other hand, found this one and have been transported back to my youth


Does that mean it would be bad taste to finally finish my noise/glitch track “I Hate Children”, made from samples from “Children”?

I remember waay back in the day downloading MIDI versions of songs with one of them being Children.

I have that one too! Along with my Ibiza hits 1996. Good times.

Check out the compilation Logic Trance 2. One of my favorites from the era.

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