Trap gopher death clutch


“Sold by ToysNGamesEtc” – emphasis on Etc

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soundtrack for this post
george square thatcher death party by mogwai
play it loud


…and if this has you thinking, “Geez, next spring I’ve really got to do something about my mole problem,” these will work much better than traps.

Yup, pinwheels. Get relatively beefy ones, such as linked above. Spike ‘em about 6" down in the interior of the moles’ range; if there’s a “hard transition edge” to their range – such as as where lawn meets driveway or sidewalk – put a couple along that edge. Within a week, the thrumming vibrations will aggravate the moles to the point of relocating.

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Depends who you are buying for…

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Sounds like the name of a forbidden move in a campy martial-arts film.


That’s a band name right?


and customers also bought from the category of :
Sports & Outdoors › Paintball & Airsoft › Airsoft › Grenades

some lovely:

Trap Gopher Death Clutch? Sounds like a signature move of a C-grade wrestler in some deep-south parking lot wrestling federation.

Could be worse…

Gophers defy trappings, haters.

I embiggened that image and still can’t tell what it does. The product description in its entirety is “30 day warranty.” Related items include a turkey fryer. So is this a stainless steel spring loaded death warranty that makes a great side on Thanksgiving?

Worst IUD EVER!. Do not buy.


Oh god. Too much internet for today.

Mildly amused by the fact that the item looks like a stick man with a very long neck down on one knee…

If it wasn’t before, it will be now!

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I always buy my bladed death machines from ToysNGamesEtc

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no, but “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” is an album name


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