Traveler suing TSA for missed flight


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The TSA is synonymous with explosive diarrhea in our household.


I can’t imagine this going anywhere (as much as I want it to). The TSA is almost certainly protected from exactly this sort of thing- leaving them invulnerable to suits of this sort.
Seriously, though- I hope this guys wins. And I hope people start filing suits every time this ridiculously shit happens.


Now that’s the type of lawsuit I’d like to see tech. billionaires finance! Miss a flight? Sue in your local small claims court and have your court fees covered if you lose. Adopt the Scientology strategy of pummeling the TSA with thousands and thousands of lawsuits.




Been there, done that.


That’s an awfully specific sub-group of explosive diarrhea. I wouldn’t think that all that many people even knew about your household, much less their unfortunate malady.


It invades, oddly after a trip to Tijuana, and the partaking of the street taco vendor. Crazy I know…

spelling corrected and many thanks to @Modusoperandi !


Well there’s your problem right there. Stop eating street taco venders.


Exactly. Taco vendors should only be purchased from a reputable store. Picking one up off the street and cooking it is just a recipe for unpleasantness.


That’s this week theme song. Indeed.


On the no fly list now, for sure…


Think bigger: Class. Action.


Suprisingly restrained in what he’s asking for. Sure hope TSA has to either defend this in court (and loose on merits) or cites an executive privilege so that a “We the people” petition (and letters to congress) can go forward seeking to strip the TSA (and DHS) of this executive privilege.

In all honesty, it would be easier for TSA to settle for the full cost.


Yes! I really really hope he wins. Hell, make a link to donate to his legal fund so we can all contribute.

I’m typing this from a plane after having been in 3 airports in 2 days and all of them had glaringly under staffed tsa lines. And currently there’s no motivation for them to fix that.


Yeah, until folks sense weakness and start pummeling the TSA with suits. But I agree it’s a very restrained and precise suit.


How un-American! Only suing for reasonable damages and costs? Ha!

If only the TSA would post Hulk Hogan’s sex tape …


Sovereign immunity?


You mean, if only TSA would make Peter Thiel wait in line so he missed his flight? (although I imagine he has a private jet) That would bring results, no doubt.


He probably kept the lawsuit small to improve his chance of success.

Hopefully this suit is the trickle before the flood.