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Clicks through to main page…


Yeah that sums up my thought on it



Maggots would seem far more appropriate to me.


I couldn’t spot the sugar cube?


Anyone else reminded of the show “Brain Dead”? I enjoyed the show but this is uncomfortably close!


One suspects that all political comedy show writers may be having a hard time right now.


Can we have the exact same thing, except with coach roaches?

Because I think it would feel like it feels.


Just remember everyone: the folks who made this started with one of Beschizza’s mouth-for-eyes shoops.



Waiting for the Worms


As someone with literal delusional parasitosis I endorse this message. Also there are ants crawling on my eyelids and in my ears.


Trevor Noah said a thing that seems very insightful: “This is the face of a man who was called bluffing and only holds a two”.


Here ya go…


Something that Terry Pratchett’s Hex would have come up with after a long night of being irritated by Ridcully.


Does the back of that elevator remind me of something? Dictator chic.


It is just dawning on him that he is an idiot…and tricked himself, which he can’t compute since he is incapable of thinking anything but the very best things about himself.

Sure the presidency is a position of power, one of the most powerful figureheads in the world, BUT it is also a position that requires one to work tirelessly as a public servant for the people and requires a heck of a lot of work.

He is a rich selfish asshole who wanted to win bigly without carefully considering the actual prize, now we are all screwed for the next 4 years. good job moron.


Really? I had the impression that GWBIII spent most of his time choking on pretzels while watching TV, and the rest of it saying “Yeah, Dick, do what you like. Remind me, is it Iraq or Iran we’re invading?” - and got re-elected.


Thanks Ants.