Trucker left "path of destruction" in fatal Tacoma crash

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Let me tell you all about “how I don’t miss driving on the freeways”. Hope those that survived are on the mend.




Eh, not so good…


That’s already such a depressing stretch of highway


the semi driver was determined to be the person

Another example of ‘officialspeak’ that needs to be fully parsed before it makes sense. Use of passive voice here gives it a double meaning.

I read it as he was hell-bent on being the person who caused it

What would have been wrong with just saying he was FOUND to be the person…

In fact he was not determined (found) to be… rather: it was determined that he was


You’re not alone. I read it that way for a moment before untangling the phrasing.



smells bad, too

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Aroma of Tacoma


The paper mills that caused the Tacoma Aroma are long gone, they’ve made an effort to revitalize the whole downtown. But yeah, the stretch of I5 south of Tacoma through the military base is pretty bleak.


What the… omg…

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 12.20.54 PM

(edit) two automobiles smashed into one tangled metal brick.


I would be interested in seeing a more detailed report that delves into the accident recreation. From the twitter photos here…

…I can’t tell for certain but I think the grill and license that appears to be wedged into the back of the crushed car behind the transport might be a lower grill from the Audi off to the left. Or it might be from another car entirely.

If I were to guess, and this is complete speculation, I suspect the maroon transport was either drifting into a lane or swerved unexpectedly, trapping the SUV between the two transports, possibly causing the roll of steel to fall from his trailer, and thus causing chaos as the Audi, GM sedan, and SUV ricochet off each other in a desperate attempt to avoid colliding. It looks like the SUV had the least chance of survival as things probably happened too quickly. The Audi appears to have hit the median wall very hard, destroying the back of the car, so he likely experienced extreme G forces and may have spun around a few times. That car is in the passing lane now, but who knows which lane he came out of, maybe he was trying to overtake someone but could not clear the scene. The Honda Accord on the other side again may have gotten off lightly if they were just bounced from one vehicle into the concrete barrier on the right. However because they were wedged against the wall, the jaws of life were necessary to extract them. Very sad for everyone involved, traffic fatalities are always tragic. Always try to keep a safe distance.

bridge of size

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