Truffles, the Trumpian anti-vaxxer Floridian clown, dies from COVID

“A little song. A little dance. A little seltzer down your pants.”


“The Aristo … thud !!!”



And I guess some more letters.


He’s no Bill Mumy.


Sesame Street Idk GIF


Dying is easy, comedy is hard.


I dunno, I’m laughing.

Every time one of these selfish sociopathic dicks dies, I smile a bit. I smile for the vaccinated people who are getting breakthrough infections. I smile for each person unable to get a vaccine due to age or medical conditions. And I smile for the people we lost, like my cousin, before vaccines were available.

Truffles can play her shtick in hell as far as I’m concerned.

We’d have a tough enough fight against this pandemic even if 100% of humanity was on board. There’d be distribution concerns, issues where people simply can’t distance/work from home, not to mention mutations. Add to it selfish assholes like this who are aiding the disease for their own political/psychological needs, and we’re fucked.

Each one of these assholes can slide down a broken glass slide into a vat of alcohol (with a match dropped into it) as far as I care.

Sorry for venting, but this pisses me off so much. I can stay home. I can mask up (even when vaccinated), and ensure that my family does as well. I can’t control Ms. pathogen lover here or people like her, and so the disease continues to maintain itself. We’re saddled with this long term because a smaller proportion of society needs to act like privileged toddlers (like their God Emperor).


Username checks out.

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Lol, didn’t see the connection until now. Well played, well played.

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