Trump Administration moving forward on tent cities for kids


The time is coming when even those who tried to stop this madness will shoulder the guilt.


Useful article, but links to a different USA Today article than it quotes from. The actual USA Today article link is:

BB eds, you might want to adjust this.


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Yeah, that’s their thing. That’s the point.

It’s ‘hostage taking’ and ‘abuse of faith’ both of which are totally google-able terms.


Do these QF churchess have many minority members? I honestly don’t know. If not, that would add to my theory.



A tent city in El Paso? I wonder how many children will die or be seriously injured from weather events in this City of Tears before the negative PR begins elbowing in on the insane profit margin afforded by the low cost of surplus military tents and subletted space on a military base in the deserts of Texas, which experience sand/dust storms in the dry seasons and hail/flash flooding in the rainy seasons.



A showpiece tour, no cameras allowed. Pictures and video provided by DHHS.

To avoid too much of a disruption to the children, a limited number of reporters were allowed inside the center.

Then why the heck was Breitbart picked for that select group?

The Department of Health and Human Services hosted Breitbart News and other media on a tour of a facility in El Cajon, California, on Friday where migrant children are being sheltered after being separated from their parents.



“They’re fleeing violence. Shithole countries! We’re giving them tents, where’s the GRATITUDE?! Fake News! Witch hunt! NO COLLUSION!”


Here’s an informative thread.

And so is this one:


I hope that they’re carefully documenting all this. The data from the Stanford Prison Experiment was flawed and later there were ethical restrictions in the way against repeating it. /s


The UN Human Rights Office has officially called out the Trump administration.


These aren’t concentration camps! FAKE JEWS!!


We should be censured by the UN. Formally.


Only takes one veto from the security council to torpedo a censure. Not likely!


Still needs to be formally done.

It would be the kind of backup, validation, that some of us need.

Let it get torpedoed. Let walrus face give an apoplectic speech! Fantastic. Show us who we chose. Throw it in our face.


I agree. I hope the global community, especially our European allies, throw an absolute fit over this. Where the fuck will civilization draw the line if not the indefinite detention of children, including infants, when their parents are seeking asylum through legal means at official ports of entry?