Trump already caught in pointless lie over former Miss Utah's claim of unwanted kiss

It will be a defining moment in the history of schadenfreude if this ends up happening.


I hate to be pedantic but it’s not “like words strung into syntactically valid sentences with no actual meaning.”

It is words strung into syntactically valid sentences with no actual meaning.


Give this man a pendant.

Or ban him.

I’m not sure how that works anymore.


Isn’t that the point of newspeak?

‘The whole climate of thought will be different. In fact there will be no thought, as we understand it now. Orthodoxy means not thinking—not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.’


No. That’s Friday evening.



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As long as there was no tongue I’m not seeing the problem.





Point taken, but if you were on that show, you knew it was going to happen. That’s different from the random handsiness of Uncle Apricot Disgusting.


Women who appeared on the show were given the opportunity to decline a kiss before taping even started without having to worry about it affecting their future.

Admittedly at least some felt pressured by his position, not to mention tradition.


I think this particular complaint is about a lip kiss greeting in front of others. Granted it’s a surprise but I know people in LA that routinely kiss every woman they meet in social circumstances on the lips - in front of their husbands, if they are meeting the couple - and as they are quite un-disgusting it seems to fly.

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I come from a kissy family. I’ve kissed relatives from overseas I can’t even talk to because we don’t have any languages in common, and whom I’ve never met before I was greeting them.

But there’s kissing and there’s kissing, same as there’s flirting and then there’s being a creep. Overly focusing on the act itself, completely expunging it of manner and context, is to miss the point. Anyone greeting anyone in any manner will pay attention to the other person’s reactions to ensure they’re not offending. And sure, sometimes people get it wrong, but generally considerate, respectful people don’t a) brag about it on a hot mic and then b) attack the numerous accusers when they come forward.


I’m not defending him.

I guess you missed the talking points.

If you were part of his target audience you would hear “me strong”, “Hillary weak - she girl”, “Trump strong”, “danger is outside”, “tribe good”, “we protect tribe”

Nobody cares what an 11 year-old girl thinks anyway - she’s not even old enough to incubate the next generation of Christian conservative!

(even if she was, Pence wouldn’t care what she thinks)


Has nobody noticed that isn’t a wiener dog?

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You imply that attractiveness makes for inoffense versus other contexts.

Maybe, but it’s still part of a sleazier era that I’m glad is behind us.

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From the looks of women on that show squirming to avoid his come-ons, the difference isn’t hyuuege and “they knew what they were getting into” isn’t ever a replacement for consent to be touched or greeted with an open-mouth kiss?

My hometown has much more kissy habits to their culture, but it’s not lecherous. What is “better than Trump” still flows from the same font of creepy entitlement to touch based off of wealth and celebrity.


It affects who receives consent.

If you kiss (or grope) someone unexpectedly and they decide after the fact that they didn’t mind, did you act without consent and are you therefore guilty of sexual assault regardless of what they decide?