Trump as a boxing glove


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That is one TINY boxing glove!


As @Shuck has noted elsewhere, that’s not what he looks like to me…


In order to complete the picture it must be filled with an angry fist.


Special edition Trump rally FleshLight?


Funny. I would have associated Trump with moldy, rank, repulsive athletic cup.


An angry fist wrapped in orange leather is an apt description of tRump…


The finger part is WAY too big.


That’s his other “trump tower”.



The text underneath reads :

"After the blow

Even if Trump loses there’s no reason to sigh a breath of relief. His campaign exposes fractures that won’t disappear."


Feeling mighty nauseous right now. Mighty nauseous.

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I would so much rather have him as the punching bag.

And I’m not a violent person, normally.


Trump seems to have that effect on non-violent people. No need to apologize.


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