Trump asked White House advisers if he could strike Iran nuclear site sometime soon

We did. We stayed in the deal. The problem is that European companies were forced to break off commercial relations with Iran because they would have faced US sanctions. We did everything to negate that, even considering using some sort of virtual currency so the dollar wouldn’t be involved but in the end most companies chickened out. Understandably.


In the weird apocalyptic Christianist support of Israel, doesn’t Israel have to actually get destroyed in order to bring about the end times? Or have I misunderstood something?


Saudi Arabia having nukes is a regional threat, too, as is Israel. The US, Russia, UK, France, India, Pakistan, China, NK having nukes are all a threat too. No one should have nukes.

Except the Jews who convert, yes. They don’t actually care about the safety and well being of Jewish people, just making sure they play their “proper” role in Christian apocalyptic ends times. And quite a few think that provoking a wider regional war is how you go about that.



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