Trump pulls U.S. out of Iran nuclear deal


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With Bolton in the house, it’s mustache rides for everyone.


Wonder how this will affect North Korea.


I wish that his father had pulled out.


Advisor: so this nuclear deal with Iran is actually a good thing.
Trump: Whose idea was it?
Advisor: um, Obama’s?
Trump: It’s bad. We need to stop doing it.

Can someone please inform Donald Trump that Obama did not take a flying leap off a cliff? Or that Obama avoided eating Cicuta maculata every day for breakfast?


Of course, he did.

Is anyone actually surprised?

  1. No, this doesn’t mean we are going to war with Iran.

  2. A rather stupid move on Trump’s part. It looks like Iran was adhering to the deal and had at least shelved their weapons program.

  3. The US isn’t the only player in the world. Europe has the capabilities to pick up the slack in this case.

  4. Israel was warning that Iran wasn’t holding their end of the deal, and I wonder if that influenced Trump, but they didn’t provide evidence of this.

Probably not at all. NKs suddenly reasonable change of direction is its MO. They manufacture a crisis, and then when offered with support and money, are suddenly reasonable again. NK is still getting what they wan.


Here we go again.


Oil goes up and guess who benefits the most? Russia.


I suspect in the case of NK they realized that SK can literally kick their ass with one hand tied behind its back. Peace for their peninsula is good for all involved.


I 100% guarantee that this was the key factor. Trump is completely in the bag for Israel and the evangelicals who love Netanyahu, and will do anything they suggest.


Does he know how to make any other kind of move?


There is no strategy. No plan B. No way forward. War IS the end game.


No, but can I be shocked anyway?

I haven’t seen such flamboyant dumbfuckery in international diplomacy since …

Let me start this sentence over, ok?

This is the worst decision any American president has ever made in international diplomacy.

Fuck surprised.


At first I thought this was one of those creepy mouth-as-eyes pics but soon realized that Trump is just naturally disturbing to look at.


The big, most beautiful plan:

  1. Pull out of the deal, claiming (without proof) that Iran is dealing in bad faith

  2. Iran’s hard-liners elect another Ahmadinejad & hostile rhetoric increases

  3. Lots of “reasons” for some good 'ol regime change

ETA: even if he doesn’t actually go to war, there’s still no downside for Trump. This is all about favoring the Israelis and Saudis in the region, and building up the Iranian boogey men will ensure his buddies stay in power. And with all the tough-guy shit he’ll probably win the next election.


That was never a question of whether they would WIN. But even with out nuclear weapons they would have inflicted massive casualties via regular artillery, including in Seoul. They have enough traditional weapons to make a full scale invasion too costly. Nuclear weapons were a huge bargaining chip, ensuring they won’t go the way of Iraq or Libya.

Still it has been pointed out that there is this crisis and negotiation cycle with NK for the last few decades, and the big difference was jut the way it was handled this time via Tweets and not via diplomacy.

Sure there is a plan B, I listed one above, but there are certainly other outcomes. Iran doesn’t want an actual war with the US either, as they like being in power. Actual war would have them lose that power. It may also be enough of a push for a sequel to the Arab Spring if Iran DID push too far that way.


The rest of the industrialized world will slowly but surely turn their backs on the US and let America wallow in their isolation. The US has a large internal market but the foreign-made product purchasing power of the bulk of that market will continue to diminish as American citizens shoulder the Trump tariffs on more and more of what they import. Eventually the rest of the world will bypass the US hegemony and conduct trade without interference.


It’s not Iran that we should be worried about.