Trump asks why America should accept immigrants from 'shithole countries,' instead of white ones



I think this is an thing where you are meant to check whether you are above or below Bill Kristol.

Because if you are below… uh…


If someone says something makes a liberal or progressive think “wow, even Bill Kristol wouldn’t say something so stupid/racist/reality-challenged” there’s not a whole lot of room left for consideration.

Fortunately, we don’t have to rely on Kristol to counter racist right-wing populism or cynical appeals to it. Here’s the article to which Kristol is referring:


And thus his true colors was shown to all of humanity.


So you’re saying this emperor has no clothes?



And for once, he’s honest.

Brutally honest.

As in “fuck those fucking savages and their fucking cultures” honest.

And that alone make him safer than Mike Pence, who hides behind his Christian Facade to avoid the ammount of bad publicity that Trump got.


But I bet some of his best friends are savages.

Not that he’d let them handle any of his money.


I think it’s important to keep listening and talking to people who might think I’m horrible.





Good. Now go reflect on why even right-wing pundits like Bill Kristol think that the opinion you just expressed is straight-up racist garbage.


Calling @beschizza This upthread image is screaming “shop me!”


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Hell reading up on Norway, I’m surprised that more Americans aren’t trying to emigrate there


I could be wrong, but I think it was a clumsy attempt to show similar racism and/or elitism with the left. That no one was wanting to move to Haiti or Africa or El Salvador when Trump won. They wanted to move to Canada or the UK or maybe even Norway. That even though they would never say it, they have similar opinions of such places.

I could be wrong though.


It’s one of several places in which I’ve long wished I could find a niche. And of course one that I’ve long wished we would pay attention to and emulaate.


Even that gets the idea underlying immigration totally backwards though. I might not have any desire to live in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t welcome Afghani immigrants seeking a better life in America.


It also not-so-quietly elides over any critical examination of why places like Haiti are in such poor shape, and casts the people themselves as the problem that shouldn’t be let in, lest it spread here.


Exactly. Even David French over at National Review understands that:
“But it’s … ridiculous for conservatives to pretend that the outrage over Trump’s comments truly centers around his assessment of Haiti and Africa when it clearly centers around his assessment of Haitians and Africans. His remarks came amid a discussion of immigration policy, after all.”


Norway has never made my personal wish list because I don’t do cold weather if I can help it; but other than that, it sounds lovely.