Trump asks why America should accept immigrants from 'shithole countries,' instead of white ones



And many of us are here simply because our ancestors had no damn choice in the matter.


Filthy rich socialists.


Definitely, because socialists apparently know how to be smarter stewards of their nation’s oil wealth than either short-sighted monarchists or bootstrapping rugged individualists (or authoritarian Marxist-Leninists, to be even-handed).



If you ever need a sense of the unwillingness of a lot of Americans to look at history critically, just remember that there is a university in Ohio whose tallest and arguably most iconic structure is named for the governor who sent in the guard that day. Another university has a stadium named for him and a third is simply named after the dude.


And to think there’s going to be a Donald Trump Airport some day. shudders


And a Donald J. Trump Presidential Library…

Actual size:


You know what’s disturbing about this? How many times have we heard (Republican) presidents tell us that the leader of such-and-such country is a completely unhinged lunatic that mistreats his own people and that’s why we’ve got to bomb the crap out of them? And then, after that whole escapade leads to mass civilian deaths, we’re told that it was worthwhile because Dictator Crazypants was finally deposed. If I follow that logic to its unavoidable conclusion, I should start marching into a minefield today and get it all over with.


“Those aren’t shit-hole countries because they don’t have DT as president”

My vote for best comment.


It’s actual size, but it seems much bigger to Trump.


He has the best words so this is obviously going to be the best library. It’s true.


Yes, and he might be a giant, with giant hands, so they’ll be the biggest words too.

Bestest and biggliest, believe me.


Meanwhile, NBC News apparently finds all of his racist horseshit to be little more than a “breach of decorum”:

I suspect someone sanitized the article headline, because OneBox says something else, but even the dirtier headline fails to actually call out his racist remarks for what they actually are: racist.

At least someone is actually willing to say it.


Well, I´m screwed then anyway. I did a few caricartures of the OB in my deviantart and Furaffinity galleries.


Have you considered the possibility that you might be a horrible human being?


It is a vaguely important holiday in exactly one Mexican state, if my memory serves.

Edited to add:
It appears i was only close to correct:

The day is an official holiday in the State of Puebla, where the Battle took place, and also a full holiday (no work) in the neighboring State of Veracruz.



I’m sorry. Who’s the horrible human being? I know @lolipop_jones and Donald Trump are. But William Kristol isn’t now ?

I’m so confused these days.