Trump asks why America should accept immigrants from 'shithole countries,' instead of white ones


Indeed. It’s just too bad that for all the good things Johnson did to advance the civil rights movement that he himself was such a racist.


At a White House meeting, he demanded to know why he should accept immigrants who come from “shithole countries,” rather than (white) people from places like Norway.

Why? Easy.

You break it, You buy it.


I feel like we’re going to need something along the lines of the post-Apartheid Truth & Reconciliation Commission just to put the country back together once this is all finally over.


Right. Even when he and his minions have taken their plunder and faded away, the cleanup will be massive and longterm.


You know GWB?


Think of the children. Will no one think of the children?


Meanwhile many people close to Strom Thurmond insist that he never seemed particularly bigoted in his personal life; he barely even bothered to hide the fact that he had an illegitimate black daughter whose college education he funded and whose presence wasn’t uncommon around his office. But even if he didn’t harbor any personal hatred toward black people he still built a generaions-long political career on bigotry, segregation and oppression. And at the end of the day that’s what matters the most.


As a side note: although folks tend to think of the Civil Rights Act as a great achievement for 20th century liberal values, all it really did was restore the status quo of the late 19th century.

The 1964 Civil Rights Act was an almost word-for-word repeat of the Civil Rights laws that were passed during Reconstruction.

See the bit starting at the five minute mark in this:

ICE hacked its algorithmic risk-assessment tool so it recommended detention for everyone




Metric, only shitholes still use imperial.


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Maybe I should just move to LV-426 for the duration.




Before he got into politics, Johnson was a schoolteacher in a majority Mexican American school. He spoke movingly of the poverty he saw there as one of the reasons he got into politics. However imperfect his racial views were, they are in a different universe than Trump’s.


Also, don’t forget that we are filthy socialists…


To be fair though, the militarisation of the police was very, very much a thing that was carried on under Obama too (started with BushJu?). I’m not saying the current administration aren’t making things a million times worse than they should be, but they didn’t invent that particular issue.


It accelerated under Shrub, but as with most of this the roots go a long way back.

This is how the US police dealt with strikes and protests in the early 20th century:



The poor thing must be starving.