Trump asks why America should accept immigrants from 'shithole countries,' instead of white ones


Why not skip the whole shenanigans and directly use military against protesters?


Many certainly were holding their breath; around the time of the election and inauguration, I remember endless stories about his impending “pivot”, with pundits theorizing that his crazy bigoted grandpa thing was just an act and that the pressures of the office would make him straighten up, stop using Twitter, get serious, and become a statesman. Well, no. He’s Donald Trump. He really is an old racist blowhard… surprise, everyone!


Yes, however, Obama was in the process of shutting it down, especially after Ferguson. It actually started after WW2.


After your post here I would rethink that. Voicing your critical opinion about the USA probably isn’t appreciated by the CBP.

They said, ‘You’re not allowed to go to the United States because we found videos on your phone that are against us.’

No free speech for us foreigners - you have to belong to shithole-masterrace.


Well the question for this weekend is, how is he going to screw up his MLK day announcement?


Now he’s denying that he uttered such shitty language. But not that he meant it.

And what’s up with democrats allowing his petulance about paying for the border wall? Why isn’t every single one of them loudly asking, “What happened to your promise that you’d make Mexico pay for it?!


I’m betting by not making one. Radio silence.


I wouldn’t give you good odds on that bet. He is far too convinced in his own ability for him give up on a chance to give a great speech.


I use the term “pesthole” myself for certain areas of the U.S. and certain other countries. When I use it I’m referring to the dysfunctional political-economic cultures (strongmen, priests, corporate monopolies/monopsonies, kleptocrats, etc.) that keep the majority of those unfortunate enough to live there poor and plagued by social and environmental malaise.

What I don’t do is blame the pesthole’s political-economic culture on those within it who are least able to change it (especially if it’s been imposed from outside) or, like Il Douche and his white nationalist supporters, ascribe it to skin colour. I also consider it a benefit and privilege for this country to receive the typical risk-taking and enterprising people who would choose to put a pesthole behind them (I’m a descendant of several of these).


Well, that really would be the best option, considering.


The prescient Robert Plant had something apropos to say about Scandinavian immigration:

How soft your fields so green
Can whisper tales of gore
Of how we calmed the tides of war
We are your overlords
On we sweep with threshing oar
Our only goal will be the western shore
So now you’d better stop and rebuild all your ruins
For peace and trust can win the day despite of all your losing.


American exceptionalism at its best. Most of his supporters probably think EVERY other country is a shithole country.


“International crazy sauce”




As I have said here more than once before: EDUCATION (lack thereof)


Maybe that explains why it was best to have forgotten them.


Silver lining: From now until the end of time-ish, when you google the word “shithole”, you’ll see his orange phiz in all the top image results.

One of the biggest, most stuporific acts of self-santorumization. Maybe the best ever.


Thought the correct term was Turd World Countries.


Ha. NY Daily News nails it.