Trump Cake becomes #TrumpCake memes, and they shall carry us through this dark election night


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Even the cake looks horrified by its actions.


The baker added: “I spent the first 45 hours questioning my soul and wringing my hands.”


I hear he tried to summon a demon to possess the cake, but all of the demons were afraid that being associated with Trump might make them look bad.


It’s plainly outdone many of the boingboing Trump nightmare-fuel photoshops…

I’m not sure whether to applaud it or be horrified :smiley:


Crossing my fingers that the baker used maltitol as the sweetener.


honestly, it looks more like ted kennedy to me.



I want to eat delicious Trumphead!


Cake’s not classy!
I ordered an life-size ice sculpture!”


Is that anything like a humphead?


But more of an orange color.


Rump Cake?


no thank you, i seem to have lost my appetite :mask:


too bad, I wanted to offer you unicorn chocolate

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