Trump calls Americans who don't clap for him 'treasonous,' 'Un-American' while stock market drops


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Clap harder for Tinpot Tinkerbelle and maybe the market will recover.


Don’t worry, that record won’t last long.


Yeah, I read part of an editorial that was trying to make the point that the dems should have stood and clapped and basically showed respect for the office if not the man and I thought, bullshit. When the man in the office is showing no respect for the office? Nuh-uh.


What a stupid child he is.


Failure to applaud the president is a betrayal of the nation? That’s some “l’êtat, c’est moi” shit, right there.

Perhaps someone should inform the Marmalade Mussolini that kings have been out of fashion here for a couple of hundred years or more, and that presidents have no special right to unconditional deference.


Sounds like he’s trying to usurp the word “American” for himself, as if it were some kind of trademark or brand.


Well it’s only fair. Republicans cheered wildly when Obama spoke, right? Out of respect for the office, right?


Wait, aren’t we supposed to be CHILLED and TERRIFIED over this checklist item on the ROAD TO AUTHORITARIANISM?

At this point, Trump is writing dialog for the movies they’ll write about his rise and fall.

I’ll let one of my senators speak my feelings:


Trump, who is under investigation for various crimes involving America’s government and Russia, made a weird comment about treason. It’s almost like the kind of crazy thing a person who has behaved treasonously might do, but what do I know.

It’s an old KGB trick, accuse them of exactly what you are doing.


If this be treason let’s make the most of it!

Will the Last one with some common sense slam the door on the way out.

Save qui peut.


Man, the Repub projection is real…

Next thing you know he’ll be arguing that Hillary loves to make Russian Pee videos…


Treason, et tu Ryan?


$100.00 says he was thinking about Russia at that very moment.


My guess is that Trump has never watched a State of the Union speech. He has no idea how they work.


“I am the state.”


Give the baby his bottle.



“YOU LIE!!!”

(Writing this because the comments system doesn’t understand a complete sentence can consist of a noun and a verb…)


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