Trump Campaign Manager Collars Protester (video)

The Guardian reported on CBS video of Trump Campaign Manager Lewandowski collaring a protester today in Tuscon, Arizona.

It’s at least the second time he’ll be called upon to deny nonconsensual, offensive touching.


Seriously, WTF are these fascist morons thinking?


“I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!”


“Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has denied that its manager grabbed and pulled the collar of a protester at a rally on Saturday …”

“…Trump’s campaign later said the man was not pulled by Lewandowski, but by a man to his left…”


in 1988 i was so concerned by the hideous subtext of the presidential election that i began looking into emigration destinations for myself. i also created a pair of one-time use cipher pads for a friend and i to use in case of the major clampdown that seemed to be oncoming.

on election night in 2008 i was so incredibly relieved when obama finished his speech claiming his victory and got off the stage because i was so convinced someone was going to shoot him in his moment of victory that my hands and feet were tingling and burning.

this year i have been watching the rise of a dangerous demagogue who seems unafraid of any possibility that violence will hurt his campaign. it is painful watching my homeland subject itself to this kind of shit. it is painful realizing that so many people around me think that donald trump is the answer to any serious political question.


Edit: found the video on Mediaite. From the looks of it, it’s a light little grab, nothing too violent in itself. But it also looks like he’s trying to bring the protester back into a confrontation with the angry supporter behind him, effectively inciting violence.

This guy, like the candidate and campaign he’s managing, is unhinged. What kind of person does that, much less does it knowing that he is under constant cell phone video surveillance?


I think you hit the main point here. If the private security operative reports to Lewandowski, then why shouldn’t Lewandowski be held accountable?


Who was apparently reaching around Lewandowski with his freakishly long arms.


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