Trump "cancels" military parade

That’s the (dad) joke I make to the kids, when we drive thru town during election season.


Make the koopa troopa great again


Sour grapes indeed.
Maybe we could take the money he spends on golfing at taxpayers expense and host a couple parades, or maybe find a bunch of veterans with bone spurs march down in front of him and take a knee…

TFW Mario jokes become dad jokes…

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Saw this elsewhere. Thought it appropriate.


how about pouring 90 million into veteran support instead, asshat.


The equine spacesuits weren’t going to be ready for the Space Force Cavalry.


When I was growing up the story was always that a great imagination was a sign of great intelligence. If so, it can match.

Muriel Bowser for President!


Yesterday I found myself reading Neil Gaiman’s 24-hour comic, “Being An Account of the Life and Death of the Emperor Heliogabolous”. Just in case you want to imagine how much worse things could be:

ETA: Much better link.

Worst web presentation of an internet comic EVER!

click to advance to page. click to download imagery. cmd-Z several times to get bigger pixels. rinse and repeat for 18 pages.

The only reason there isn’t a horse currently in the white house is because Trump doesn’t personally own a horse. The last time he came close to owning one, it ended horrifically.


Oh dear, it is rather deficient compared to the PDF, isn’t it?

Fortunately it seems to be at the Internet Archive. Link updated.

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I just sense there’s something missing.

Is it that Trump would’ve had to go to Congress for the money and Ryan told him “No”? Can it be that simple? What stops Trump from blasting Ryan with a tweet storm? $100 million doesn’t even buy 1 fighter jet. Trump couldn’t care less about cost or adding to the deficit.


That’s a shame. I was hoping the parade would get five deferments and then Trump’s term would end.

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Who knew futile gestures could be so expensive? Who knew?

Tanks do wonderful things to greens, I understand.

He’ll charge that back to the People and then not pay those (of questionable immigration status) who repair them.
And… wait for it… his supporters will see it as a “feature.”

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