Trump chose a thin-skinned, blowhard ignoramus as ambassador to Germany, and now no one will talk to him except Nazis


If your name isn’t put down at birth to become, in due course, a life member of the ‘Reinvade and Conquer France Society’, you really aren’t English in any meaningful sense of the term.


I presume my slightly xenophobic father wouold have done it for me, I’ve never had cause to look up the paperwork, but then I voted Remain, so…


Remain? Me too. And I live there part of the year.

But from the perspective of historic rightness, some things just are. :wink:


So they exiled the last remaining Gay Republican out of the country. Turns out the guy was a chip off Ernst Rohm


My cats would totally fall in love with that thing.


Do it! Do it! Do it!


I don’t know “the 100”…Googles…Ahhhh.

Thanks, I had no idea!




So presumably doing your bit to forward the attempt to recover our lands in France by buying the place/peaceful colonisation rather than force of arms.

Once more unto the estate agents, dear friends, once more;
Or close the supermarché up with our English bread!


One part of me hopes that ambassadors like Grennel and Hoekstra won’t be able to to return to the U.S. once everything falls apart for the Trump administration. The other part of me doesn’t want the countries they are stuck in to suffer their presence indefinitely. It would be like littering. With human garbage.


I think “Trump” is about the lowest thing you can call a lifeform but maybe P. Malariae would come in close? Not sure what good it does. They both weaken and sicken human minds and bodies. At least the facehuggers mostly stick to deep space.


Well, I tried good old-fashioned archery first, but … yeah, more peaceful now.


I considered including the Ebola virus, but wasn’t sure if viruses qualified as organisms. P. Malariae would have been a good choice, as would Naegleria fowleri, the brain eating amoeba.

Trump seems to be running away with the poll and I’m not sure how that will play out rhetorically. Writing “Donald Trump has the self-awareness of Donald Trump” may be too recursive to be useful.


Remarkably like the man himself…



Sorry! didn’t mean to be obscure! :wink:


Best compliment I got on this BBS since Melz gave me one. I ponder to put it on the short list of things I am proud of.


Richard Curtis (of 4 Weddings fame) wrote and performed music and a few songs for Rowan Atkinson’s stand up shows (Oh goodness me, cannot believe it was 1986 I saw him, Rowan was so so good). One of Curtis’ songs from the show was “That’s why I hate the French”, a few verses:

They all wear berets and they’re all called “Jacques”,
They even steal from us the words they lack:
“le Weekend”, “le Camping” and “Cul-de-sac”,
That’s why I hate the French…

They bake their bread in such a naughty shape,
They brag about their wine, and worship the grape,
They criticise our food but then they eat “Crêpe”!
That’s why I hate the French…

And now they’ve started coming here in droves,
“French cigarettes”, “French letters”, and “French clothes”.

I’m sick and tired of eating all this “Brie”,
And I’ll be buggered if I go to “Gay Paris”!

They’re pretty cocky ’bout their “games in the dark”,
They think with girls they light a “special spark”,
But look what the bastards did to Joan of Arc!
That’s why I hate the French…

Selected sketches from the show at:


Nah, I got to learn something new!


No, we like Canadians, the Dutch, Scandinavians, and Kiwis.
We don’t spread our hate around indiscriminately, it’s Parisians who do that.