Trump compares his lack of an organ to Elton John's organ


Guy who’s just been hit on the head with a sack of bricks sounds exactly like Sarah Palin


“He who warned the British that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms, by ringing those bells, and making sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be secure and we were going to be free.”

Only the crazy people from Dumbfuuckastan speak like this!


EARLY stages?? Whatcho talkin’ 'bout??


Paddle faster. I hear organs.


As someone who has actually spent a nice summer vacation in the State Hospital (i.e. the Texas looney bin; absolutely gorgeous campus BTW), I can state that there are many, MANY patients that will make far more sense than Little Donnie.


Nice idea, but better:


Lets take a head count in say about a year.






I’d rather sing them to the hospital than bash them. But then again, I actually chased down a purse-snatcher (apparently they still exist) with the intent of…I know not what. But it worked out; I actually did save the day. Weird.


Not weird, awesome!


Weird because I was 57 (was it THAT long ago??)




He is strangely obsessed with gay men’s organs NTTAWWT




When I first read his rant, I assumed Trump was initially talking about physically smashing up some Elton John LPs, because nothing else make sense. Then I realized he was talking about Elton John audiences compared to his rally sizes, which is clearly nonsense, but Trumpian nonsense.

(Different organ)

Spare a thought for the poor bastard translators. At least Bush was saying things that made sense, even if a bit scrambled. Trump is just spewing nonsense - translators have a hell of a time because part of the job turns into deciding what it is that Trump might be saying, if he was saying something.


New age gibberish is apolitical, rather than being on the left. There are left wing groups that expect people to have read and understand Hegel though, and they can sound like word salad even to other left wingers.


On a side note;
I try to get trough most of the Colbert, Noah and John Oliver stuff. Great stuff overall. But the bits where someone is dressed up in a costume have me cringing so badly.


That’s the scary bit.
Like newsreels from Nürnberg 1933.




Two words: label maker.