Trump compares his lack of an organ to Elton John's organ


I think it’s very clear that he was talking about penises.


When isn’t he talking about penises, though?

Everything seems to be a dick-measuring contest to that guy, which indicates a Freudian level of deep-seated insecurity…


I thought Marx turned him on his head for a reason…


“Stop stealing my gimic Slap Nuts!”



"It’s exciting watching footage of his rallies thinking “Oh, This will be in a documentary in about 20 years time with ominous music on it, and here’s me watching it live.’”


I mean, it’s classic, textbook coke head ranting.


Actually, it’s worse than dementia. He speaks like a long time drug addict with Korsakov.


Exactly! And the craziest fact is: this is exactly how he won the elections, with the help of the “hated media” more than from his own allies and the media are still playing his game, on and on and on. This is how such self important nobodies like Hitler and Mussolini won too. The press was all over them right from the start, printing every word they said and depicting them as fools and their supporters as idiots.

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