Trump could face up to 1,000 years in prison for his document espionage


We can safely say that “prison” is out, if only because the security detail (SS) that he’s entitled to by law would be a nightmare to manage with him in prison.

Something more like house arrest, incommunicado, short list of visitors, and the jailors sharing watch with the SS? Works for me.

Oh, yeah – no television.


Better yet, he DOES get television but can’t choose the channel (no Fox News or OANN). Let him see how the world really feels about him as his businesses, family and political legacy fall into ruin and shameful obscurity.


I considered that but decided to let others play with my fantasy too. Other possibilities include the BBC and Canadian news (on good behavior) or Al Jezerra for minor naughtiness and Mexican channels if he’s back to painting his walls with shit.


He gets television, whatever he wants to watch, but he can’t tweet, truth, boot, boop, toot, or blog about it without his attempts going through the federal penal system (to scan for, remove and otherwise censor anything they consider illegal, contrabanded talk, etc) . No private communications. Everything monitored and property of the prison system, legal consultations aside. Charges referred off anything criminal.

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He printed out SCI documents and took them home when he left office. Both intent requirements are covered, without any testimony from Trump.

The frosting is that he filed legal documents claiming that he owns them.

I don’t understand how reasonable people refuse to see: he’s fucked.


Difficult does not equal impossible. Once he’s convicted and sentenced, they will figure it out. Solitary in a little-used wing of Leavenworth sounds pretty do-able.


Everything has to be a first time, sometime. Should Ol’ George have said “I’m not sure about this whole President thing. I mean, who else was it before me?”

Nothing wrong with sending someone who’s done a bad thing to the bad place. I live in Illinois where we proudly send almost all of our Governors directly from a big house to The Big House.


If they do opt for house arrest, I’d be okay as long as they charge him according to the state “pay-to-stay” laws currently on the books, have meals delivered from the local prison, force him to purchase any extras at commissary rates, pay for phone calls by the minute like inmates do, $3 per credit card transaction, and like others have said, limit access to social media and media in general.
Or your idea works, too :wink:


Yeah but that part of the criminal code didn’t change. It’s always been that way. The only change to the law was lengthening the max sentence from 1 year to 5 years.

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Yep. I remember that a talking head on MSNBC or CNN a few weeks ago (former federal prosecutor) mentioned that the feds prosecuted someone who was writing up a classified document and made to poor decision to take home a classified document for one night. She wanted to use it as a template for her classified report.


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