Trump cultists have paid Alina Habba over $2.5 million

Originally published at: Trump cultists have paid Alina Habba over $2.5 million - Boing Boing


“Campaign finance experts say using the money to pay for lawyers in cases not related to the campaign or officeholder duties appears to conflict with a federal ban on the personal use of donor dollars, even though the Federal Election Commission has ruled the prohibition doesn’t apply to so-called leadership political action committees.”

Great! So anyone going to, you know, DO anything about this?


alas the FEC has become essentially non-functional.
Why the FEC Is Ineffective | Brennan Center on the FEC | CNN

Probably the most important thing the FEC might accomplish would be to alert voters to the increasing use of ‘A.I.’ (deep)fakes in campaign ads. But - surprise surprise - so far they can’t agree on that.

any regulatory agency which is itself ‘regulated’ by those whom it would regulate… well, you see how this ends up.


“travel companion” lol nice one Filipkowski!

And a well kept one at that.

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“Travel companion” meaning bedroom companion?


The forensic levels of Habba’s research into legal precedent and constitutional law are easily worth $2.50…

…$2.5 million you say? I want to see the invoices!



All Of Them GIF by MOODMAN

(Paging @FGD135 's - All the grifters! meme)


if she’s smart enough that she’s figured out how to extract 2.5 million from ■■■■■ - a person famous for not paying bills - she’s probably figured out how to avoid that particular danger too. ( not that, given his overall health, he’d be able to much in that department anyway )


I realised afterwards that “travel companion” might just be a way of saying that she is useless as a lawyer.


i don’t know exactly filipkowski meant. i’m not a lawyer, so i can’t judge. at the very least she’s smarter than ■■■■■ because that bar ( law puns, eesh ) is so low. i wouldn’t be surprised to find out she’s actually pretty decent at her job, and is simply a person without any morals or qualms about clients


I wonder how much disbarment will get her? :smiley:

I am conflicted. She’s a terrible lawyer, I don’t think she’s anywhere near worth that much. On the other hand, she’s separating deplorables from their money…


For all the people asking, “What kind of idiot would work for Trump, knowing his history of not paying people?” the answer is: the kind who make sure it isn’t Trump who is paying them. They’re still idiots, but they’re not that stupid.


Grift ALL the marks !!!__FGD135


Well, Trump certainly wasn’t going to pay her. It’s amazing that she’s getting paid by anybody. Probably when he loses he’s going to demand that she pay him back whatever she has been paid, to put in towards the award that E Jean is going to get.

The real shocker here is that they were getting paid. I’d expect they demand payment up front given the history. Or they can just wait for the money to flow through Michael Cohen.

Video from a month ago about Habba breaking several basic legal guidelines to benefit TFG:

“Without morals or qualms” seems like a good description.


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