Trump, David Duke agree on the need for police to stop and frisk more black people

Trump’s numbers seem to fluctuate by at least 4%. So there’s at least that group - assuming it’s one group, and not a continuous stream of various people who suddenly decide something he’s said has struck a chord, only to be alienated again. I dunno how this works - nothing about tRump makes sense to me; it’s like I’m going insane.


I was driving in my car with a pine tree air freshener hanging off my mirror. A black man drove next to me while we were waiting for a stop light. He asked me if the police ever stopped me for an object obstructing the windshield? I said they had not. He said “it happens to me all the time.” The light changed and I realized I live in a different world.


Piss-off-the-other-side-ideology coupled with ‘as long as my guys had the idea, it’s good, and I don’t have to examine it further’, sprinkled with willful ignorance, and baked in a pan of authoritarianism at 451 F, and served with fear.

A recipe for disaster


Re: stop and frisk

Once credited with significantly reducing murders in urban centers like
New York by removing weapons and drugs from the street, it has drawn
protests and legal challenges.

Well, shit. It worked, it worked well, but it was wrong. Damned if you and damned if you don’t.

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