Trump demands Supreme Court kill Affordable Care Act, aka 'Obamacare'

So Trump has changed positions from “Repeal and Replace” to “Repeal and go fuck yourself”.


Lots of people have mocked Trump, but Obama was a BLACK man who mocked Trump—and that was an indignity that the son-of-a-Klansman could not abide.


That was always the plan. Now that he knows he can let tens of thousands of Americans die lonely, needless deaths and no-one will cry foul, he’s comfortable saying it aloud.


In Biden’s reaction to this filing, he explicitly makes this point, that he thinks Trump’s motivation is just an attack on Obama:

By the way, I think Biden really nails the “look and sound presidential” thing in this video.


The former was always a lie, and the latter was always the truth.


That would require the average person to be intelligent enough to understand relevant issues, be analytical enough to not take claims at face value, but to assess their truth independently, and to be able to resist the smarmy marketing that happens in every political race.

In short terms: I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I also look forward to the day when my scorn is a valuable commodity, and people pay me to just insult them, and I get to retire to my private ranch with a dog pack bigger than anyone has any right to own, but that’s about as likely to happen as people not voting based primarily on personality and disinformation.

The timing so exquisite that he can make it a campaign promise fulfilled in time for the election.

But the people who think this is a good thing will not have had time to figure out they were actually relying on the ACA.


“I never thought they would repeal the ACA,” sobs woman who voted for the People Who Want to Repeal The ACA Party.


I live in a country (New Zealand) with decent free-at-point-of-delivery state funded medical care, and as a result have long been baffled and appalled by what passes for a medical system in American; and it’s also obvious that there’s something badly wrong with Trump, either as a business creature or a politician – but this latest attack on your Affordable Care Act in the middle of a deadly pandemic is worse than deranged, it’s psychopathic. The ACA may not be much, but what else have you got? It really looks as if your President wants to murder the lot of you.


We have known this for a long time.


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