Trump had stupid argument with Vietnam veterans about Apocalypse Now

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I had two grandparents with Alzheimer’s. It was more or less just like this.


He is The Donald; he doesn’t make mistakes.
And if he does, it’s Obama’s fault.


Whatever the mental state of the POTUS, it’s the apparatus used to elect him that needs to change. None of these behaviors are out of character from the candidate, back when he could have been weeded out.

And when the same system can elevate George W and Ronald Reagan… Trump is a quantitative leap into awfulness, not a qualitative change.

The only thing stupider than the POTUS at this point, would be relying on the same system to elect his replacement.


Note: Seller’s charactor IMHO was far and above where trump will ever be.


I agree - the two-party system more or less guarantees that as a party dies, they’re going to take more and more desperate measures to try and cling to power that will likely compromise the government.

It’s pretty obvious at this point that the GOP is in severe decline, and the Democratic party will probably fracture and split into two new parties (a party that’s more left-wing, and one that’s more center-right). But there’s so much money invested in the ultra-far-right that these guys are actively committing treason to hang on for a few more years, and it’s destroying the country.

Definitely need to kill the FPTP voting system that creates the 2-party system in the first place, preferably along with switching to a federal proportional representation system that gets rid of like 30 now-rural states dominating the Senate.


There is a compelling reason disabled Vet Senator Tammy Duckworth calls him “Cadet Bone Spurs”.


Isn’t Agent Orange his Russian code name?


He’s a medical and financial mystery for the ages.


I don’t know if I think the GOP is going to die anytime soon, they’ve been doing this shtick since Reagan successfully. BUUT getting rid of FPTP would kill the 2-party system and enable many more nuanced parties. That would be great for our democracy. +1 on that.


Power is a hell of a drug.


We can disagree about the death of the GOP, but I should point out here that the growth of independent voters in America is signaling that there’s a ton of people in the center-right and left (the people who seem to mostly comprise the ‘independent’ vote) that don’t feel represented by either party.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are shrinking, and the Republican party is disappearing much more quickly. That already signals that a lot of voters are really unhappy with how far right it’s slipped to try and hold onto power, and it’s also become a very old party, meaning that it’s pretty much destined to die along with it’s ever-aging base.

And, as it shrinks, it’s inevitable that the nature of the 2-party system will create a power vacuum - and that will probably be filled by the current Democratic party moving left, and a new party moving into the center, both absorbing votes from either side. (If the well wasn’t so poisoned, I’d say that the Dem party will move right and a new party will form on the left, but I find it hard to believe that any current right-wing voter would vote Dem, but I’ve been wrong before).


People still think you have to be smart to become a billionaire. (Trump also thinks this.)


He should watch the excellent PBS series on the Vietnam war, now on Netflix.

(In before someone cites it short comings.)


putin: your name is agent spray tan.

trump : no every body knows and mean every-body knows I do not spray tan, ever-y-bod-y . I say it I dont spray it. every-body knows that except the media but every body knows that too.

putin: ok i don’t see your point but no problem . your name then is agent fake en bake .

Trump: I don’t fake en bake . this tan its my real skin. I mean why would i lie about that that. there wouldn’t be any point. there wouldnt be any point and just it in case you didn’t hear me there wouldnt be any point. this is my real skin color ,unlike some presidents before before me this is my real skin color. i mean suggesting its not not would be like would be like claiming elton johns organ is bigger than my non existant one. I don’t even have an organ buts its still bigger than elton johns, but the fake media they wont tell you that.

Putin : face palms " ok how about agent orange"

Trump: ok I like it . did i say i like it because i like it. give me a kiss puty.

Putin: no



US centre or Glabal centre? A new party who are global centrists or (more realistically) centre-right could work, but if it is US centrists (global right wing) then I can only see a repeat of the same problems that we have had over the last 40 years.


Even in the book, where it’s made clear Chance is just an idiot, he still outshines Trump in every way.

FWIW I prefer the movie’s version of Chance, where he’s more of a Holy Fool sort of archetype.


That might actually be worth it to see - since many of those “The Democrats are evil incarnate!” people would then suddenly decide that they were now (and always had been! Really!) hard-line leftists, and would vote for the new left-wing party, all the while pretending really hard (and even believing) it’s just the new name for the same old Republicans they always supported, and the same policies as well.


I would have thought it was impossible until I saw how fast “Moral Republicans” did a 180 so fast it broke the sound barrier when it came to Trump.

Now I just think they need someone to tell them to do it and they’ll do it. Fuckin’ authoritarian mindset, man.