Trump: 'I love to read.'

It’s not enough to be unqualified. You also have to be dedicated to undermining the mission of your cabinet department, and it helps if you’re a certified jackhole; see the latest example of this.


meanwhile, in the King Donald’s Translation…


This approach can backfire on you, though.

Edited to add: this idea amuses me. I sense a comic here, along the lines of Trump puts his name in Mein Kampf and sticks it on the back of the john, then Spicer comes along and takes a dump and is like, “Ruh Roh.”


I’ve just come to the realisation that Trump may actually have a reading disability, or just poor literacy. This is exactly the sort of language Trump uses to cover his inadequacies (followed by a double-segue away from the topic of reading), and he has a documented preference for people to read things to him, rather than reading them for himself, including recent things like… executive orders.


“Getting the costs down… The costs of our country are out of control.”

You get what you pay for Donnie. I thought you were going to make the USA great again, a beautiful diamond-encrusted, gold-leaf covered democracy. Now you want a cheap, half-assed, bootleg democracy?

But you know, cutting military spending would be a good start, since the amount your budget increases it is almost as big as Russia’s total military spending. In fact the US spends more on the military than Russia and China combined.


Yep, and it’s even worse than that. Americans live inside a giant de facto fortress, the massively armed seat of a voracious yet crumbling empire. It’s no wonder to me that most are scared by the thought of visiting somewhere else.

the United States spends more than the next seven countries combined. In 2014, the most recent year available, the United States led the world in military spending at $610 billion, marking 34 percent of the world total


According to Ivana,Donny’s bedtime reading is Hitler’s speeches.


My favorite - or “favorite” - version of this is the refrain from Republicans, especially Republican candidates for President, that we need a larger navy. It’s quite possible we need a very different navy, possibly including many more hulls, but the idea that we need a stronger navy is utterly ludicrous. We’ve got something like 80% of the world’s naval tonnage, all of its biggest and most capable aircraft carriers - and our closest allies have the majority of the world’s remaining naval tonnage!


Never know when a terrist might slip through while swimming onto our shores from the Middle East.


“Mallard Fillmore… on the Stump” by Bruce Tinsley? Not “Mallard Fillmore… on the Rump” by Chuck Tingle?


It is actually FAR worse than that.


The left image in that tweet was from an interview with Obama, to contrast how he talks about literature with how Trump does in the right image.



Ah. That makes a LOT more sense.

With the disclaimer that I only know what I’ve read, and am not in any way an expert:

The mere number of aircraft carriers doesn’t really convey the imbalance. The American carriers are a lot bigger than other countries’ carriers, carrying many more airplanes, and the American carriers launch their planes using steam catapults the others (mostly) don’t use, dramatically increasing the amount of fuel and munitions the plane can carry at launch. Also, the US has a number of smaller helicopter carriers it doesn’t call aircraft carriers, but that would qualify as such in most other navies.


I wasn’t trying to contradict you. If anything I thought the chart supported your point, albeit not specifically the 80% figure. It excludes all helicopter/VTOL carriers, by the way, regardless of what the navies call them.


I read the Washington post transcript of this interview (I also watched it live on fox) and nowhere in there does he say any of these things. Is this another case of fake news?

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Now I’m beginng to understand the reason for the pained expressions on the faces of the Trump family…


That’s a different interview, from tonight. The reading quote is from a previous Carlson interview. I’d link to it but I’m out of free WaPo articles for the month and I don’t know how to clear cookies on iOS. Anyone?


He’s currently reading ‘All Quiet On The Western Front’. It’s a very good book. I’ve watched it too.