Trump in a slump


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Well, hopefully the good doctor was right…


Time to stump and thump Trump, and pump up the Clinton bump, so the slump becomes a full-scale Trump dump. He’s truly a lump on the hump of America’s rump.

  1. Let’s not glorify the fact that nutball Trump appears to be only 4-5 points behind nationally, and that he has somewhere around 1/5 chance of winning. I would not play Russian Roulette with a loaded gun, and thems better odds.
  2. It will be interesting when this is all over to look back on the current state of polling, as the days of easy land-line calling disappear further and further behind in the rearview mirror. How closely do these percentages track reality?


He may be in a slump, but at least he can open his own safe.


Well I kind of like shabby, blustering Kaine. He reminds me of Biden.

I actually think his debate performance was like a pawn sacrifice. He wasn’t supposed to win. Winning the VP debate means nothing. He was supposed to keep us thinking about the crazy things Trump says, and it worked.

EDIT: Exhibit A:


Is that from “Hop on GOP”?


polls have headed south for tRump.


Man, ‘The Suburban Whites’ has to be the most boring sports team name ever.


This is good news for a Winner like Trump, because Americans love an underdog as much as they love a Winner! With both things locked down, he’s sure to get 100% of the vote!*

  • Trump 2016!


Pretty sure it was from “One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State…”


Yes - Pence won the debate - but so did Hillary.


Suburban white guy here. Definitely under no circumstances even thinking about voting for Trump. Hillary doesn’t need to win the suburban white vote – she just needs to erode away at Trump’s base.


Pence then added, “Clinton is running a campaign of insults by repeating all of Donald Trump’s insults.”


But will it play in Pahrump?


Actually a close race will hopefully send a clear message to both the RNC and the DNC that America is not buying what they are selling. We don’t want to forget that as awful as Trump is, most of the other candidates were even worse.


But wouldn’t it lose it’s trademark as disparaging like D.C.'s N.F.L. team?


1/5 may even be an underestimate—FiveThirtyEight’s predictive models put Clinton at 71% and 75% chances for election day.

Ahead of where she was a week ago, but I still feel like I’m taking crazy pills.


“I do not like Greens, Sam I Am.”


Would you like them in the House? Would you like them in the…Senate?