Trump is pre-emptively making excuses for losing New Hampshire

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Being fact-checked by Steve Doocy? I did not have that on my Bingo card.


Choo-choo! Here comes the Excuse Train.




I think there is also the fact that anyone registered as a undeclared/independent can pick a primary to vote in, but you can’t vote in primaries for both parties in NH (and other states with similar rules.)

So Trump isn’t angry that Democrats are going to show up to vote for Haley, he’s angry that swing voters don’t like him and will show up to ensure he doesn’t win.


These aren’t just excuses for if he loses, they’re also excuses for if he wins. His victory would have been even better if not for all the corruption, but he’s so grand that corruption doesn’t stand a chance against him.

If we’re lucky, he’ll have a stroke soon. Wait, no, that’d probably get him even more support from his base.


Worth considering that the Iowa Caucus model is also advantageous to him because it depends on the ability of his caucus to enthusiastically whip support rather than simple vote counting.


I expect so. That’s exactly what he did after winning the election in 2016; complaining that the only reason he lost the popular vote by several million ballots was because Hillary rigged the election in… California?!?


Thankfully New Hampshire’s primary is only a few days away. Maybe those of us in Massachusetts will get a break from wall to wall Nikki Haley ads on TV for at least a little while after that.


they don’t make that bingo card

Steve Doocy turned against Trump quite awhile ago. It’s resulted in some amusing moments over the past year with Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends.

Haley has been surging only in polls conducted by American Research Group, a pretty questionable pollster. I wouldn’t anoint Haley the winner in New Hampshire just yet.


It really is non-stop. I saw one while trying to bowl some candlepin the other night. Is nothing sacred in this world?

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What ever could be your indication that he has not?


I have no problem with him stroking out, but I really want him to stand trial and be convicted before that happens. Rule of law matters, and if he dodges that then the next asshole will know he can do anything and get away with it.


See, that’s the thing about Trump. It seems he’s always the next asshole.


From Murdoch on down, I thought.

I was just surprised that Doocy was capable of fact-checking.

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He’s expecting this to be a coronation. One of his most loyal boot-lickers, Elise Stefanik, called on the other candidates to drop out and bend the knee. If the convention ends up being even a little bit close, he will have an unfathomable temper tantrum and complain that his overwhelming, unstoppable victory was the fault of RINOs conspiring with Joe Biden or some other such nonsense.

I think a brokered convention would fracture the party even if Trump wins the nomination. And if for some reason Trump isn’t the nominee, he will sue the RNC, call on his supporters to firebomb the homes of RNC officials, and then run as a third-party candidate, all but ensuring Republicans lose the general election.


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Steve Doocy is. His son, Peter, not so much.

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He heard Doocy

Unwatchable RINO Steve Doocy of Fox & Friends, which is suffering mightily from a lack of interest and Ratings Decline, with Steve being the principal factor, has just blurted out that I was wrong on the fact that Democrats can vote in the New Hampshire Republican Primary. He was so anxious to go against me, that he fell into the proverbial “Trump” trap, just like all others do. In actuality, Democrats can vote, they had to register by October 6, but they can come in as Independents, and then can be Democrats, and nobody’s going to know, so already we have 3,542 Democrats changed to Undeclared, 408 to Republican (all of whom will be voting), and others will come in as Liberals or Independents. Their rationale is that they are desperate to stop “Trump,” because they don’t want to run against me, they want to run against Nikki or Ron or anyone else. If an Independent is a Democrat, they can vote. That’s what they want to do, fill up the Roster with Democrats!

Page Two: So Steve, I know you don’t think people cheat in Elections, but they do! Nevertheless, I have an idea on how we can solve the problem with Steve—Exchange the Weekend Hosts with the Weekday Hosts, and everybody will be happy - except keep Lawrence, who is constantly defending me as he reports back to studio - “I know what you’re saying, but it’s not what I see in the field, all I see are Red Hats and Trump people!!!” Anyway, it’s Chris Sununu’s fault. He could have changed this, but was too lazy to do so!