Trump joins past Republican presidents in new version of The Republican Club painting


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Can’t tell if having Lincoln in there in the front is more for the “REPUBLICANS freed the slaves” wierdo-pseudo-argument or the fact that it’s the back of his head means it’s for target practice for (racist) still-seething slavery-apologists / War-of-Northern-Aggression enthusiasts John Wilkes Booth wannabes. Maybe both. Art can mean different things for different people.


I can’t imagine Trump managing to spend ten minutes in the company of Teddy Roosevelt before getting punched.


I’m surprised Trump’s wall isn’t filled with Jon McNaughton artwork pieces.


Notice how Ike is keeping an eye on Dolt-45’s cards. The general could spot a cheat at the table from a mile off.


See also:


In the toadstool. Repeatedly.


Another rip-off of Dogs Playing Poker.

Didn’t they yank Teddy Roosevelt’s membership when he ran as a Bull Moose?


It’s not accurate, it doesn’t depict tRump cheating.


I’m pretty sure trust-busting conservationist Teddy Roosevelt is sneaking up on him with a shank.


A man who doesn’t drink doesn’t belong on black velvet.


Geez, they all look like they’re suffering from acute jaundice.


Shouldn’t it be set in a locker room?


Sure are a lot of famous presidential faces in those paintings.


Definitely the latter…


Teddy Roosevelt was the type of guy who would have never put up with the pultrid orange ones bullshit. He would have probably suplexed him on Nixon after a few minutes.


Then Teddy would have rolled up his sleeves and started going after the whole Trump cabinet, just like he went after the Robber Barons of his time.


You mean frat house, I think.

Seeing TR, Abe, and Ike, w/ those other guys, just guts me.