Trump mistakes "satirical" news story for reality

If you check out Snopes regularly you’ll see that conservatives falling for and spreading satire/joke news they thought was real is a pretty common occurrence. There is at least one site that it appears is deliberately trying to fake out conservatives with this stuff.

“Holy cow, did you see this? Ilhan Omar hosted a flag burning party with AOC!!!”


I hope he did respond to that one online! :wink: In what I wish was a similar report, they’re working on new episodes of Cops that he’ll probably use as the subject of future tweets.


To be fair, in the age of Trump I regularly mistake satire for news and vice versa.


Which is ironic, because the Mikkelsons are fairly conservative themselves.

Edit: Barbara isn’t a Mikkelson anymore, yes. But they were both fairly conservative.


Voted yesterday! Straight blue!


OMFG - my mom’s cousins - constantly…


Which is why it works so well. There’s no downside to DT reposting a satirical story as though it’s true; those of his supporters who know it’s satire assume he knows it’s satire and get a chuckle out of it; those that don’t get outraged dig in their heels further.

Now, I’m a self-avowed lefty, and I admit to have contributed to the nonstop outrage cycle on many occasions…but I am beyond sick and tired of liberal media outrage at what DT posts and what he appears to believe and how dumb he is etc etc.

Get over it. He’s the ultimate troll AND WE DON’T FEED TROLLS!!!

Sorry for shouting. I’m just fed up with the fecal Mobeus strip we’re all plodding along.

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The flipside is that if the media stops calling out Trump on this stuff then it gets even more normalized than it already has been.

It absolutely should be a newsworthy event when a clearly unhinged President cannot discern reality from satire and shares objectively false information with the public.

This. Is. Not. Normal.


Mr T would make a better president.


Trump also retweeted a guy who has a NINETEEN part series titled “Girls won’t date me because of feminism”


This is exactly it. He is NOT a trll. He is a deranged dysfunctional man who is currently the President of the US. The time to tell the media not to cover him was 2015-16.


That one’s totally true.


It goes to show how most people probably never paid for a newspaper or respectable magazine subscription even before the internet, but at least you had respectable radio and news programs on TV. Now you’ve got conspiracies theories being broadcast as legit news all fully sourced and corroborated from the ever so reliable interwebs.

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What a total brainless buffoon that man is. He and Boris Johnson are like Laurel and Hardy.

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And yet if I bring up “oh that was debunked on Snopes” I hear “bahhh. . . Snopes has a liberal bias!”

That’s what passes for conservative logic now, if you report something they don’t like you must have a liberal bias.

And any evidence of crime by the Trump administration is really evidence of the Deep State putting roadblocks in Donald’s way.

Don’t move the goalposts, burn them down.



It’s gonna take more than twice.



Didn’t we see that in the VP debate… although for a short time?


And its true depth is yet to be determined.



Just tell these dopes that they’re already paying for cheap, free, real news that doesn’t just have talking heads trying to vomit bullshit 24 hours a day until they are dry-heaving just so they can get more diet plan / insurance / personal injury lawyer ad money.

It’s called NPR, and the news programs are very distinct from their entertainment programs (I don’t listen to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me expecting a positive view of Trump’s dickery). Their news programs state facts and little else. They don’t say things like “Breaking News: Trump caught the Chinese virus today. The president thinks it happened while he was hugging Gold Star families since he loves the military and all who serve. I heard the liberals and other Antifa groups are probably holding secret parties and celebrating, all while planning on the best way to implement major mail voter fraud.”. You’d instead hear “Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19 today. He intends to continue working remotely from Walter Reed Medical Center while practicing social distancing. Upon his return to the White House, the administration has stated that they will be issuing new precautions to prevent staff and secret service agents from contracting the virus.”.

Now, which one is news? According to 1/3 of the dumbest of our fellow countrymen, they both are, but the second one is boooorrrring so why would they want to listen to that?