Trump mistakes "satirical" news story for reality

Did he not wonder how he was tweeting with twitter shut down?


What shocks me the most isn’t him, but the level of denial his supporters must live in to keep up that farce.


I was really stoned once watching flies on shit in my friend’s yard while eating a burger and I can tell you the experience was better than watching anything tRump puts out.


I love all the Trumpers with their “He’s actually playing 4d chess here to own the libs!” takes. Um, how does that work, exactly? Everyone thinks he’s stupid and points at him, laughing, and… how does that help him, supposedly? Every time someone trots out the “4d chess” fantasy, I can’t help but thinking that Trump isn’t even playing regular chess - he’s picked up the pieces and stuck them in his mouth to see if they’re edible, that’s all. But Trumpers have a lot invested in thinking he’s a genius. After all, if he’s a total idiot, what does that make them for thinking he’s smart?

Also, he doesn’t care - all he cares about is if the story makes him look better. Which in a case like this, finally bites him on the butt.

Turns out that “Big T” means “big tech” (by which he apparently meant social media) which he revealed in a follow-up post. But since he’d never ever referred to it that way, there was no way to know.


I had a discussion with my wife this morning about this exact thing. If you’re allowed to broadcast outright lies and misinformation on a national network with don’t be surprised if an incompetent troll like 45 or toadies like Moscow Mitch can seize power.

How to remedy this I don’t know. I’d personally just shut them the fuck down until they clean up their act, but obviously that isn’t the right thing to do even if it would fix the problem

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Thank you. In retrospect it’s pretty obvious: if he were referring to himself it would’ve been “Big D”.


Guy has no sense of strategy at all. If you challenged him to a game of rock-paper-scissors he’d probably insist on going first.


Maybe he’ll see this and move to Russia.


Despite “big” being one of his favorite words (i.e. one of the few words in his impoverished vocabulary) that he uses for almost everything, I’ve never heard him refer to himself that way - presumably to avoid drawing attention to his obesity…

Then he’d just insist that he actually won, because obviously rocks are big and strong and beat everything, and never acknowledge otherwise. (I mean, that’s how he plays golf, apparently.)


Maybe. I was pretty sure he meant to write Big Tits.

Bringing back the Fairness Doctrine would help. Putting someone in charge of the FCC that isn’t a corporate lackey would help. Limiting ownership of media outlets (TV & Radio stations) would help.
When the Reagan/Bush regime did away with the FD & ownership limits, it not only resulted in massive media consolidation/monopolization, it also enabled the rise of the likes of El Rushbo (and his countless imitators); and the Big Three TV networks promptly shut down their independent news divisions & rolled them into their entertainment divisions.

Next time you watch the news, note how much is actual news

Needless to say, nothing will change if the Dems don’t take control of the Presidency, both Houses of Congress, and pack the SCOTUS (or write the laws so that they are non-reviewable).

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But Trump still floats back up from around the U-bend.

Already floating that balloon:


Lots of practical suggestions there. Thanks. I’m not surprised allot of this goes back the Reagan era deregulation. Seems like allot of our problems do. I guess it’s no wonder he’s revered like a god amongst the GOP.

I agree also that we need to be aggressive, root out the corruption and put laws into place that prevent this nonsense even if that requires “packing the supreme court”. Americans need to take back control from this party of elites and trolls and put good people in charge because it’s dangerous what’s allowed to happen today. Democracy won’t survive for long if it’s allowed to continue and the people will suffer as we are already.

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If you don’t like the news you see, make your own.
If you can’t make news, fabricate some.
If you can’t fake it, claim you did.
Get a segment on Fox.

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