Trump OKs seismic tests in Atlantic that can harm thousands of dolphins & whales


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"Five companies applied last year to search for oil and gas deposits beneath the Atlantic seafloor using seismic airgun technology. "

So who are these five companies that got the permits? I didn’t see it in any of the linked articles. Maybe a consumer campaign directed at those companies can get some action. (Or inaction, we’d prefer it if they just sit on those permits and don’t use them.)


The question with Trump is always “Did he okay in spite of the hate it causes, or because of the harm it causes?”

I’m willing to believe that he is gratuitously malicious.


'Cuz dolphins are all gay hippies…

That makes them the enemy.


I anticipate his response:

“It’s all fake news… we have the best whales… lots of whales… unlike China or Russia… you can trust me… my casinos are full of whales.”


His sons are probably trying to figure out how they can big game hunt a whale… :-/


He’s writing a book entitled, “How To Piss On The World (from the comfort of your faux-gold encrusted toilet, using Twitter, while also lying from every orifice).”


Fracking, offshore drilling, mountaintop removal mining, global warming-- in our quest for “energy dominance” we are destroying everything, including ourselves.


They’re communists too


I’m beginning to wonder if that thing on Trump’s head is an alien parasite, which is here on earth to create an environment more hospitable to it’s kind.


If this moves ahead and results in a lot of dead marine life, I’m also willing to donate to make sure that he personally feels the consequences (filling Mar-a-Lago would be more likely to get his attention).


“Liberal tears” are all the reason he needs. And the Kochs will love it.


They’re just fish, and fish don’t hear anyway. Haven’t you ever heard the phrase “deaf as a haddock”? /s


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