Trump praises 'America's frownders'

That’s what happens when you have a marginally literate man reading from a teleprompter. It still beats the weird, incoherent stream of consciousness speeches that he prefers to give.


Is he intoxicated? Does he have a health issue? Is there something wrong with his brain?

I’ll go with option D: All of the above.

Could not find mention of that in the bio


Perhaps he’s hoping for some fan mail from a frounder.


That’s the point! He was just joking. He’s really trying to help prop up the 'Merican fishing industry by subtly promoting flounder. It’s cheap, has protein and calories, and is a bottom feeder just like himself.

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Flounder are actually vicious ambush predators. Although, again, just like himself. :wink:


Never knew that. I know stingrays hide in the sand but didn’t know flounders had the same technique. I just knew they were odd fish with both eyes on one side.

Back in FL, there were certain beaches you didn’t go swimming in unless you did “The Stingray Shuffle”. Basically if you don’t lift your feet and kick them while you’re walking they move away. But if you step on them then that spiky hurt tail goes right into your calf :slight_smile:


It is interesting that even back then, he used a lot of weasel words, combined with a tendency to hyperbole. “Not very much”, “a sort of”, “probably”, “almost”, “very low”…

Maybe the clone Donald (remember, the real Donald is still in the bunker as he’s been in there “2.5 times”) needs a RAM upgrade?

All that sweet [orange] icing flowing down.


Strange how he talked without moving his jaw back then. But you can already see his tendency to spout phrases rather than really pulling together coherent sentences, and as @LutherBlisset points out, weasel wording everything.


In a video posted Sunday to the church’s Facebook page, senior pastor Luke Barnett claimed that the church had installed air purifiers that “kill 99.9 percent of COVID in 10 minutes.” Standing shoulder to shoulder with the church’s chief operations officer, Brendon Zastrow, Barnett explains that the church contracted with a local company called CleanAir EXP to install the purifiers. “When you come into our auditorium, 99 percent of COVID is gone, killed—if it was there in the first place,” Barnett says in the clip. “You can know when you come here you’ll be safe and protected. Thank God for great technology and thank God for being proactive.” Neither man wears a mask as they talk.



This is why I’m here. Godspeed Rear Admiral Brainspore.


Ohhhhhhh nnnooooooooooooooo!

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That bit about him tearing down the sculptures on an Art Deco building would also be a good ad, interspersed with his recent speeches bemoaning the tearing down of civil war icons…


Every time this picture comes up, my eyes are drawn the immense amount of makeup he has on.

Look around his upper hairline, but most of all, the collar. This is an old man who, after having his morning cheeseburger and then spew of hate on the toilet, paints his face in a way that mummers would consider ‘excessive’.



As someone who had a speech impediment as a kid, and only really got over it by doing radio in college, I’m not sure it’s appropriate. But I -do- find it interesting that he wants to challenge Biden to a mental acuity test. I think we should urge them to both take the standard US citizenship/naturalization test. To make it more of a challenge since they should pass it with flying colors, maybe double the number of questions to 200.


I think passing that test should be a requirement for any state or federal politician, including the writing and other parts of it.
But the civics part you’re referring to just includes up to 10 questions out of the pool of 100, so doubling it would mean they have to answer 20 of them.
Either way, I don’t think DJT could pass it without cheating, regardless of how much his aides tried to prepare* him.

*This first autocorrected to “repair,” Freudian slip?


Yeah you’re right. I’d say have 'em do all 100.