Trump pressured GOP leaders to kill Senate Russia inquiry

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I suppose the quote here of “I hope you can conclude this as quickly as possible” seem harmless enough, but 1.) obviously that’s what Trump wants, so there’s no need to express that to a Senator except to influence him, and 2.) he probably shouldn’t discuss the investigation at all with anyone in congress, even in passing like this, it’s ethically improper.

But of course, so much of what Trump does is ethically improper. If firing James Comey wasn’t grounds for impeachment then this is just as meaningless.


My Schaden is very Freud!


Sure, impeachment is a political tool. There’s absolutely no reason why it can’t be political and happen to serve justice.

You’re not wrong. But then, neither am I. The good thing about the midterms is that they will happen in 2018.

Anyone tells me they can’t see any difference between Democrats and Republicans, are not only shallow thinkers, they are effectively reinforcing the Republican sabotage of our institutions. Anyone who thinks impeachment is a panacea has simply not been paying attention.

To cite one of my favorite political writers, if you want a better country, you have to be better citizens (Jim Wright).


I’m really hoping that it won’t take until November. I hope that solid polls start coming out around, say, July, that make the GOP House so desperate that they impeach Trump as a way of trying to keep their jobs. Because if the Dems win the mid-terms, then impeachment will be seen as purely political. But if the GOP impeaches, well, we can see that’s a different kettle of fish.


If the GOP actually responded to public polls, they would not consistently back deeply unpopular policies.

No, I’m afraid that it will take attrition, not Gallups, to exact any good faith out of Republicans.

Would love to see my former party do this. I would love to even have faith that they had enough decency or honor to make it happen. But I see them very differently now, and I wasn’t the one who changed all that much.

I wish it were different.


Can’t wait to see Trump burn. Oh please, let it happen!

So, how far do you go back with them?

Before McConnell?

Before Reagan?

Before Nixon?

I’m just wondering when you figure they had any decency.

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That was roughly the substance of Jimmy Carter’s famous and controversial speech.


I should say that some of my positions also evolved over time (climate, abortion, healthcare). But:

McConnell has never represented any state I’ve lived in since reaching majority.

I was too young to vote for Reagan (but I would have). Nixon I can’t answer for, because a lot of this depends on context and you don’t get much of that before birth or during the years when I drooled a lot and played with Weebles.

George HW Bush’s second run was the first Presidential election I voted in. He had my admittedly tepid support, as did Bob Dole (who I respected more than Bush). Thinking back just now, I was mostly a Republican in politics because my own approach was a lot more passive than it is now. I should have read more.

By 2000 I was pretty confused. I’d changed to “independent,” half considered myself a libertarian and that was the first time I voted for a Democrat in a Presidential election. At the state/local level, I generally voted solid R until 2008 or so.

I’d love to give a clean and decisive answer which makes me look smart, but the indecency had finally became obvious to me by then. But my own means of getting there was backtracky, incoherent, delusional, irrational, and confused.

And Kennedy.


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