Trump pressured GOP leaders to kill Senate Russia inquiry


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Well, there ya have it, everything’s cool. I’m satisfied.

(do I really need a “/s” here?)


Trump asked???
What happened to “send someone a message” old school style?
The guy doesn’t do anything right.


You have to actually have backbone to do that. Trump is only successful when the antics are schoolyard bully type shit. Real conflict is too much for him.


Obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense.


Well, appearing to be a bullying, sociopathic, power-hungry dictator is a small price to pay if it means following Putin’s orders.

The price drops to nothing when you really are a bullying, sociopathic, power-hungry dictator.


Well it’d be more damning if there was a pattern of obstruction. For example, if he’d admitted on TV if he’d fired Comey who was investigating him for the same thing… But he’s far too shrewd for that :yum:


Wait, wait! Do we know what Sarah Huckabee had to say about this? She is always so helpful clarifying the president’s statements.

Only if you have a Congress willing to impeach! Try again. :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Rule of Law is dead in the U.S. Trump has committed numerous crimes (violation of the Constitutional emoluments clause being the first incontrovertible one), but obstruction of justice is the most flagrant of these. Trump admitted on national television that he fired Comey to stop the Russia investigation and is on record multiple times as having pressured legislators to end this same investigation. Now even the GOP admits that he did the same. Regardless of anything else, as the ruling party the GOP’s refusal to impeach Donald Trump immediately is a clear admission of conspiracy with his criminal activities. If you support these individuals, you deserve indictment almost as much as they do.



This is wrong. And we’re warning you - do it again and we’ll continue to no absolutely nothing.


Imagine how screwed we’d be if tRump were intelligent enough to ask himself “would an innocent person do/say/encourage this?” every time he acted.

We are so lucky he’s dumber than a sack full of cat litter.


I don’t know. I think we’re more screwed by someone who says “So what if I did? What are you gonna do about it?”


If one pressures GOP, I hate to think what dribbles out.




More smoke, but no gun or fire. Yet.




Not while the GOP is in control of the House!!!


Now, now: cat litter’s* a pretty high bar. The cat litter reliably serves a useful purpose. And when there’s an offensive substance or odor I can simply chuck it in the trash.

*(As seen on the BBS)


There is only one impeachable offense: being hated that much by the House. They impeached Clinton for a blowjob, and if it wasn’t that it would have been something… anything. It’s never about justice. It’s always about politics.