Trump promises orderly transition of power after Congress confirms Electoral College vote

He is lying.

Remove him now.


No, what is conspicuously absent is “to President-Elect Biden”.


I read a tweet from one of his cult-members citing that as evidence he is not conceding or giving up. And yet the media is acting as if “it’s finally over”. Ugh.


I’m not saying I don’t believe Trump, but I think he should be escorted to a secure facility that closely monitors all outside communications, and kept there, just to be sure. I mean, these are dangerous times.


Will fumigation be enough? The White House may be worse than a meth lab as far as cleanup is concerned.


My counter to that is that he has on dozens of occasions denied saying things he’s on record as having definitely said- there’s video of it. I don’t think he worries about stuff like that, because he consistently denies reality whenever it suits him to do so. And moreover appears to believe it actually works.


Nixon was allowed to leave the White House on an Army helicoper.
Trump should leave in a police motorcade… in handcuffs.

(eta: or a straightjacket.)


It was a two of diamonds and a seven of clubs. He shouldn’t even be in the game now.


Note that he in no way concedes, and reiterates his bullshit grievances. So this is pretty fucking worthless.

He doesn’t actually say anything meaningful in this message, though, beyond repeating his lies. He might as well have said, “I promise an orderly transition of power… to my second term!”

Oh, there’s plenty of things left for him to do (many of which would be just as ineffective but destructive as what he’s already done). Which is why he needs to be out of there, now.

They’d have to be fucking idiots to threaten it without actually doing it. We all know that Trump can’t help himself but to lash out when he’s hurt, damn the consequences. Of course, Pence feeling hurt by Trump’s attacks on him indicate he is just such a fucking idiot, so who knows?

Yep. I mean, besides Trump’s ability to cause damage through his presidential power, being able to whip up mobs is going to continue for as long as he pretends he actually won, so…

I wouldn’t be surprised if whoever runs that account resigned in the last 24 hours and took the password with them.

“Too little” indicates there was something of value in what he said. I’d suggest there’s not. He repeated his lies, didn’t concede and made a vague assurance of an orderly transition (To what? His second term? By whom?) that’s already been broken. I’d say this is a statement trying to superficially look like it’s saying something to mollify his Republican critics while still pouring more gas on the flames when it comes to the mobs that support him.

Yeah, exactly. This is just more of the same from him. At best (or worst), it just suggests Trump feels he’s exhausted his legitimate means of changing the outcome of the election. Doesn’t mean he won’t try more illegitimate means, still. This does nothing to assuage my fears that he’s more dangerous than ever.


I’m reminded that after Trump lost the election, Mike pompeo promised a “smooth transition of power”…to the next Trump administration.

We already know from tens of thousands of documented lies that Donald Trump is a pathological liar. I’m not sure why the media bothers to quote anything he says as if it has any actual truth value whatsoever.

Fool me 20,000 times shame on me, fool me 20,001 times shame on you? :thinking:


What disturbs me is that Trump can even issue that statement ONCE AGAIN from a position of total impunity. Neither Trump nor any member of his criminal family should ever be allowed to hole office of any kind ever again. Removing Trump now is the RIGHT thing to do. History means nothing to Trump but it should mean something to us. It makes me feel physically sick that this guy is STILL in office after yesterday. It’s soul destroying.


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