Trump pushed AG Barr to hold press briefing to say POTUS broke no laws in Ukraine phone call

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Even Bill Barr knew it was dumb


So I am actually surprised there is something Barr will not do to brown nose the hairpiece.



[Current occupant of the White House] is breathtakingly stupid enough not to know right from wrong, and every Republican backs his every move.


Barr’s got his back. It probably just isn’t the right time for that defense yet, but it will eventually happen.


Can’t Trumpy go a single day without comitting some abuse of power, obstruction of justice, or some other high crime and misdemeanor? WTF?


Huh, so that slimeball has a limit of how low he’ll stoop after all.

Perhaps Barr finally figured out that he has more on Trump than Trump has on him.


You are essentially asking him not to rise to the awesome responsibilities of his office,

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I’m trying to imagine what this looks like in the eyes of his republican senate enablers. They must know he’s never going to clean up his act, its going to be like this until the day he’s hauled off.

I can only imagine its all-or nothing. They’ve got to all go along with it, right up until no one goes along with it.

…but then, I never imagined he would last this long, so I’m kinda disqualified by now.


This is no worse than what Barr did for him re. the Mueller report summary. What is different is this time Barr sees trump going down.



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Barr must have some inside info that Justice RBG has a good prognosis after the most recent surgery and will likely outlast Trump’s Presidency. If that’s the case, he won’t get the Supreme Court nomination he was promised, which means now he has to keep himself out of jail.


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“The amazing thing isn’t that Trump would make this wildly corrupt request but that his fixer Bill Barr wouldn’t oblige him.”

That really is the amazing bit. Barr has shown what he’s willing to do with the Mueller report (and a whole lot of other things), so it’s surprising he wouldn’t be overtly corrupt again here (in the most obvious way). There must be a strategic reason he’s not willing to needlessly debase himself yet again.

Though it sounds like Barr has already done so much for Trump wrt. Ukraine - conspicuously ignoring all the reports of crimes going on, for example. (I’m sure we’ll find out even more ways Barr has already covered for Trump as time goes on.)

Given how much Barr has been covering for Trump, just in this situation, I’m not that optimistic this is why. I wonder if he just didn’t figure it simply wasn’t necessary to say anything at all (so why complicate the issue?). The Republicans are uniformly moving from insisting there was no “quid pro quo” (i.e. extortion) to all but literally sticking their fingers in the ears and shouting “la la la la, I can’t hear you” now that the evidence for exactly that is out. I suppose Barr figures either they won’t do anything (or, unlikely, they will) and nothing he says will make any difference, so strategically doing nothing (publicly, anyways) is safest for all.

Fingers crossed!

So Barr has basically been an active part of the conspiracy, and after being asked to say that POTUS broke no laws, he had the DOJ spokeswoman make that claim. So… yeah, he’s not holding back here because what was asked of him was “too much;” he’s rolling in the filth:


Well, sure. Loyalty to Trump so far, has been the same as loyalty to their donor base. But that can change in an instant.

Let’s be honest, this isn’t “that’s so crazy even my ethics won’t stoop that low”…this is “That’s so crazy that I WOULD GET SENT TO PRISON if I did that”.

Barr is playing CYA, he didn’t suddenly find his ethical compass.

Oh, he could easily stomach it, but he’s stuffed right now, and this wasn’t exactly “waffer-thin”.




Barr is reportedly going to be releasing an anti-Mueller Report report in the T-Giving time frame.


its changing now. Sondland realized he was wearing the patsy hat and he squealed, they’ll try to move it to somebody else now - musical chairs