Trump reposts his own Nazi screed

Complete sentences, punctuation other than explanation marks…Still not Trumpy enough to pass as written by him.


I can only guess that my subconscious wouldn’t allow it. I’ll need to get into a lotus position and have a word with my gatekeeper.


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Yeah, I find that resisting the urge to form complete sentences is the hardest part about trying to imitate Trumpspeak. Try randomly deleting the last part of one third of the sentences as if you forgot where you were going, and just start a new, more racist one.


Can’t… go… there… don’t… WANNA… go… there.


Probably still an easier job than the editors at Fox News that have to try and edit his speeches down to coherent sounding soundbites.


Quoting @jlw from the article:

Why is the scam so hard to see? People do read this stuff and then send him money

I’ve been wondering the same for over 8 years now. I’m no closer to an answer than in 2015, when I was told “If the scam is obvious to you, you’re not the mark.”

If it was just a bunch of people losing money, I’d be merely annoyed. Re-lighting the bonfires of fascism and a goading on a rabid public as part of the scam is horrendous, as we’re all aware.


Trump’s typical flood-rush of his fetid goulash of brain-misfired notions are too dense to cut and paste together for anything near coherency… not that his followers mind.


In their minds, Trump is the rich-successful powerful nationwide-megaphone-armed ignorant hate-filled, out in the bloody open racist that like-minded people have desperately prayed for… one who makes them feel that their ‘unfairly’ imposed loser status was a crime inflicted upon them and by no fault of their own. To them, Trump is the one who not only sides with their hates, but who will allow those hates to be given free agency for destructive and violent action.


Still waiting for that “vomit” emoji.


I want that emoji too… and shown hurling on Trump.


This article comes to mind:

If he goes after the people you don’t like, the rest of his BS is more palatable.

(Not you obviously, as you are not the mark, I’m using a generic “you”.)


That isn’t worrying at all. Nope, nope, all totally normal.

Just as the quoted screed, capitalizations and all, is just the kind of thing that normal, mentally well-balanced political candidates in healthy democracies always write.

Do you think any of the media bosses who are busy stirring up concern over the state of Biden’s memory ever look at this shit and think “This guy is an absolute psycho, and it will be the end of everything if he gets his little orange hands on the reins of power again”?

Or are they happy just to keep on both-sidesing us into the apocalypse?


The way I see it, there are a number of different reasons.

  • Some people are just gullible morons.
  • Others see Trump stiffing people and tossing them under the bus, but think they’ll be the exception. There are two varieties of this:
    • Some imagine that surely, Trump will not turn on them!
    • Others, smarter and more cynical (but neither smart nor cynical enough), imagine they’ll see the eventual, inevitable betrayal coming, and get out before they’re tossed. They’re wrong.
  • And some just don’t care if Trump screws them over, as long as he hurts the people they don’t like more.

If it makes them money, it makes them happy. Add it the fact that they are generally not in the demographic that will feel the leopard’s fangs first, and it all makes sense.


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