Trump 'revealed highly classified information' to Russians during White House visit after firing FBI's Comey

The Russian government doesn’t like orange, because revolutions.

“In the following years, the Orange Revolution had a negative connotation among pro-government circles in Belarus and Russia”


That’s the crux. Nothing was exposed which was sensitive. The very exposure that this took place with the details given by the WaPo is more sensitive than what actually took place in the White House. And the fact that people are rejoicing over it just illustrates how intent they are to smear the president. Regardless, it’s going away cause it’s fake news and the new story for today is the fact that Seth Rich was leaking to wikileaks.

…if you take the President’s word for it.

If you believe multiple cooborrated news stories, it was extraordinarily sensitive information that puts our missions against ISIS at risk.

Your choice, really.


The Orange Spray-Tan Revolution! :fist:


That’s a good one. I have that rule as well. I try very hard never to listen to or watch clips of politicians generally, and DJT especially.

Good observation. Both left and right have this. On the left it’s more benign: “Don’t say X because it’s X-ist” and other types of purification of speech and thought. On the right, it’s: “Here is today’s absolute lie for you to believe and repeat.”

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That’s about what it would take.

WaPo intentionally left out details-- the nature of specific intelligence is often enough to imply sources, which is the sticky part. The implication is that hypothetically there is an intelligence source placed somewhere sensitive, and reporting on very specific things. Just revealing that those things are being looked at reveals the location and possibly the source. Your sloppy attempt to divert to the laughable Seth Rich thing was a bit too much, though-- you were almost pulling it all off as sincere. Cheers mate!



I don’t think either of examples are like what Trump is doing. People who repeat right-wing talking points do so either because they actually think they are true or because they think that repeating them is an effective way to forward their agenda. People who choose not to use hurtful words do so either to avoid social conflict or because they place a higher priority on not hurting other people than on choosing to use particular words (you know, since the latter has literally no importance).

This is something else. Going out and giving your talking point when you know it will be contradicted by your own leader tomorrow isn’t advancing any cause and it isn’t telling a truth you believe in. It’s speaking to an audience of one person, and what it is saying is, “I will humiliate myself for you.”


You can take off the bunny suit, Sean. But you still can’t have a BB gun.


You are correct. It is something else. You also said:

No. They do not actually think. That’s what this is.


[quote]Police said in response that they believe there is no connection between his death and “his employment at the DNC.” Since that time, Rich’s family have also said publicly that they believe his death wasn’t connected.

But the story picked up again this week with the two reports by Fox outlets. Both stories quoted Rod Wheeler, a former homicide detective at Washington’s Metropolitan Police, saying he had learned that there were emails between Rich and WikiLeaks before his death. Wheeler is a Fox News contributor.

Both reports said that Rich’s family had hired Wheeler as a private investigator — which Rich’s family responded to in its statement by noting he had been paid by a third party, and had not been authorized to speak with the press.[/quote]


So that means that the story has rather large holes - the investigator has a gag order, and Wheeler has been contradicted.


Oh wow, everyone stand down! Buzzfeed say’s it’s not true!


You know…maybe he was just looking at it like it was the big piece of chicken?

Fox 5 DC is the original source of the news, and originally cited the family’s private investigator and then changed their story to “a federal investigator” after the original story was posted. They only made their corrections on their twitter feed.

Pardon me, but some of us are not exactly rejoicing. If something like this had happened in 1960, my father might have gotten caught and killed by the Russians. Your statement is fucking offensive.


From what I understand, the President can only pardon federal crimes.

So, after he was impeached, the State of New York would be free to bring him up on murder charges.

If the House of Representatives and Senate could be convinced that murder was an impeachable offense.


(Different show, but…) … and then Rip Taylor runs through, throwing confetti everywhere, making everything better.

I still don’t know what Jeff Session’s voice sounds like, and I want to keep it that way for as long as possible. Because he looks like this guy, I can safely assume he sounds like him, too:


Ah, so you read wonkette too?