Trump’s military prep school alma mater sold to Chinese

Trump’s military prep school alma mater sold to Chinese investors for $15 million
This headline made me smile…

The bankrupt New York Military Academy, a 126-year-old preparatory school on the Hudson River that counts billionaire Donald Trump among its graduates, was sold on Wednesday after a bidding war between groups backed by two China-based investors.


the irony is thicker than his hair!


Neoliberalism: all well and good until the boot’s on the other foot.


Who the hell sent me to the rationalwiki page for neoreactionaries earlier? It’s almost as bad as TVTropes!

Anyway, I’m not sure if Trump’s business sense/connections makes him immune to this kind of ideology or if his wealth makes him more susceptible but I agree with the OP that it’s the subtext constituting the philosophical underpinnings of the anti-intellectual movement.

It’s like digitially-enabled copenhagen syndrome distilled to its pure essence.

It constitutes (as I believe all modern fascist ideologies constitute) a slaves-eye view attempt at rationalising the behaviour and consequences of the corrupt elites who benefit from neoliberalism or any kind of laissez-faire backed fascism. If I was in charge (and of course corrupt and evil as it is natural for such masters to be) how would I run things?
The much touted example being the acceptance amongst the poor of low tax rates for the rich because ‘I’m going to be rich any day now’.

The fact that the impulse to rationalise dominator culture is leaking out of the downtrodden and formulating itself into societal strategy in the hands of a few successful, silicon billionaires is as interesting as it is horrifying.
Anyway, I think I needed to get that out and your post had that juicy trigger word in it an everything. :wink:


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