Trump said "I didn't know about" cutting pandemic response team. Here's a 2018 video of him talking about why he cut the team

The purpose of a government is to do things for the common good that the private sector can’t do, or can’t do efficiently.

That’s the core problem with the small government ideology. They assume that there is nothing the private sector can’t do, and nothing the government is more efficient than the private sector at doing. And this assumption is essentially an article of faith, so not only do they never question it, they reject any evidence that suggests this ideology might be wrong.


I’m day dreaming about putting my 11.5 shoe up side his tRump ass, repeatedly.


A common dream… though my shoes are a size 6 instead of an 11.5…


Kick twice as fast.




Of course, Trump is a terrible businessman too… I guess he’s hoping to bankrupt America, then walk away and leave the mess for others to take care of.


I have birds. I taught them to say, “birdy bird”, “good morning”, and “I love you”. I expect any day now some variation of

will appear in their nattering because that is the kind of couple years it has been.


I am struck by the token ass kisser right behind him who keeps nodding away in agreement to all he says.

“Yes,yes, you are right as always Lord apricot…”


We all have our part to play, however small.


One more reason Trump won’t have to worry about running out of toilet paper, unlike the common people.


The Trump video seems to be set to autoplay. Every time I refresh the site in blog view, it starts playing.


“I got rid of the smoke detectors because they weren’t doing anything - they were just gathering dust. If we have a fire, then I can run out and buy some new smoke detectors…”

Apparently there were issues beyond getting rid of the pandemic response team. There was some legally mandated pandemic response training for new administration staff, and like with all the briefings transition staff attended, they were notably unconcerned and totally disinterested. Adding to which, because of the high White House staff turnover, none of them even made it to this point anyways; they were gone years ago.

I listen to the questions being asked of Trump, and how they’re asked, and I’m flabbergasted that the press still don’t seem to understand who they’re dealing with. (Of course, a certain number of these might be softball questions being lobbed by the likes of Infowars…)
Still, this is how I’d imagine Trump’s response would go:
Trump: “How nasty!” (cuts off reporter’s audio before they can ask a question) “Next!”

I was thinking about how his response to this crisis shows how he’s completely unsuited, in every way, for the presidency, but it also shows his extreme, shall we say, “limits” as a businessman. No anticipation, just reaction; no concern about facts, just about appearances; everything gets treated as zero-sum rentier capitalism, where you don’t have allies or partners, but competitors and suckers that you’re ripping off. It’s clear why the only things he’s actually been successful at are fraud and money laundering.


I am so shocked that Trump lied.

This is exactly why I’ve said that modern Republicans are ideologically unfit for governance (and that’s putting aside their moral, ethical, and intellectual unfitness).


I have no one left to trust in the government.


Many thought he was an acceptable front for a “reality” TV show, too – although I don’t get what the reality in a contrived competition for minor celebrities to win a fat old guy’s approval actually was. Nor did I get what the audience appeal of the show was – was it low-grade schadenfreude from watching those minor celebrities ultimately brought down?
Perhaps it will eventually dawn on President Biff’s fans that they’re never going to party at Mar O’Lardo, do their business on a solid gold can, or trundle endlessly around a golf course with a platoon of Secret Service agents trotting in attendance. Welcome to the “you’re fired!” stratum of society, to which the Orange Overlord allocated you at birth.


I wish it was about having the guts to ask the tough questions and use Trump’s statements to impeach him (“impeach” used in litigation context, not congressional process). But sadly, it’s about credentials. If you are what Trump considers a “nasty” reporter, good luck getting back in the question seat.


I hope, someday soon, a journalist of integrity considers it to be a risk well worth taking.


Trump can’t keep facts straight because he has verbal diarrhea. The torrent of shit is too much to keep track of. This is probably the reason why he prefers to color his skin orange - it camouflages the shit stains around his mouth.


I think there’s a step where “Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset.” in the middle there.

In all seriousness, this comment is spot-on.