Trump says "no politician in history... has been treated worse" than him


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Well to be fair it is hard finding a politician with that much power who is worse than him… they usually get forced out before making to president/prime minister/etc.


Paging Abraham Lincoln…


A tiny violin, for the world’s smallest hands.


Hahaha and he’s in office for just four months. And it’s going to get even better after he gets re-elected. It’s like an eight year long SNL skit. A gift that keeps on giving …


i’d say Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy - - all may disagree with him…


you can’t let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams

Of course, because the entire purpose of being elected POTUS is so all your fairy tale dreams of unchecked power can come true. It has nothing to do with engaging in public service for the greater good of your country. :unamused:


President Dangerfield, moaning about how he don’t get no respect. Somehow I cannot bring myself to care.


By pure coincidence, Trump may be the worse politician in history.



Et tu Comey?


I’m imagining something like that crying Native American commercial, except it’s Turnip and the tear is a single drop of crude oil.


Such a diverse group. Perhaps they could be more… inclusive?

Oh, well, that’s another list I’m on


On behalf of us all, I’d just like to say “Ah, diddums.”



Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if the “Failing” New York Times was able to succeed in bringing down Trump?


He’s a puppet who went rogue. They’re desperately trying to reattach the strings before he breaks everything.


Because everything, even someone else’s graduation, has to be about Trump and his persecution complex.


Y’know, it’s crazy, but when you tell investigative journalists that they’re America’s worst enemy and treat them like a hostile force, they get a little upset and start doing…er… investigative journalism!

And when you fire the guy in charge of investigating you, and he becomes a private citizen, all of a sudden he can talk about things that can be subpoenaed!

Funny how that stuff works!


How would he know? He’s not a politician, he’s a failed reality-tv host.