Trump says something stupid: 'They shouldn’t be having public hearings'

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This is exactly why Republicans are increasingly loathe to defend Trump’s actions. As soon as they step up to parrot whatever nonsensical narrative the White House has asked them to say Trump just makes them look like even bigger idiots by publicly contradicting them.


If Putin wants a true moment of triumph for the May Day 2020 parade he could create a special float for the occasion: a cage in which Biff (draped in the U.S. flag) can be displayed, surrounded by hookers and oligarch bankers.

And yet, like “Reek” Romney, they always come back for more. It’s been noted that one of this grifter’s talents is that he’s an accomplished “user of other users”. That bunch of opportunists and cowards are prime marks for him.


Best use of that put-down you’ll hear today!


I’m not quite in agreement with your premise.


Don’t get me wrong; there are still a bunch of Republicans debasing themselves in Trump’s name. But Trump himself has reportedly been frustrated that fewer and fewer of his defenders are willing to proclaim that he did nothing wrong, instead focusing on process arguments and attacking Democrats.

They will still take down the country to keep Trump in office, they’re just increasingly averse to using the White House’s script since they know he’s going to undercut his own narrative at every turn.


“These hearings shouldn’t be behind closed doors.”

“They shouldn’t be having public hearings.”

Translation for both: “We don’t want there to be hearings at all.”


The only way to get them to back off defending Biff is to put them in the position of undeniably destroying their own privilege and wealth by lying for him – especially if he’s just going to turn around and contradict them.

Part of the reason Barr declined to confirm the illegality of the Ukraine quid pro quo is probably a strong sense that if he’d said it was legal not only would be telling a lie that could end with him in prison but also that Biff would have immediately tweeted that it was illegal (and so what?).


Wait till the budget comes up for signature. “Shut sown the investigation or I shut down the government!” The ultimate “nice country you got here, shame if something happened to it…” shake down.


First he contradicts himself and the message of the last 3 weeks by saying oh no after all there shouldn’t be public hearings

And then publicly is stupid enough even further to say that he is thinking of going to Russia to celebrate a holiday about communist workers.

The history books here might as well just be a professional guide to comedy. I never thought there would be a man let alone a president that actually stunned me every day with new levels of stupid but this guy is just an overachiever


If you asked one of his supporters to explain this, they would say, “you have to understand his sense of humor.”


Educated and intelligent people view these obvious contradictions as laughable and stupid. They are, but we have to remember that this con man and his shills see it as A/B testing to figure out what will work best on their ignorant and stupid marks in the base.


The timing might be right. Depending on how things go with the investigation, the trial in the Senate might be heating up around that time.

I hope he goes, and packs for a nice long stay… the rest of his fucking life.


We really do live in the Bizarro continuum. Edward Snowden had to flee to Russia to avoid being disappeared by the CIA.

Donald ⊥rump wants to flee to Russia to evade prosecution by the Attorney General of the state of New York.

Note: I fully expect President Pence to make the first act of his brief tenure in office the granting of a blanket pardon for all federal crimes committed by every member of the ⊥rump administration.


If only the GOP Senators would start embussing the motherfucker already!


Fair point, even if I may disagree about the level of shame these folks are capable of at this point. I’m just not sure they believe there is any cost in saying X yesterday, saying X is fake news & it’s actually Y tomorrow, and “who cares if it’s X or Y” the day after that.

But who the hell knows what these people actually think.


Well of course he wants to go to Russia. He still wants to have a Trump property there plus Russia’s unlikely to extradite him back to face the music in New York, right? At least until he pisses off Vladimir Putin, in which case they’re likely to either ship him back (in a number of pieces TBD) or just have him succumb to “natural causes” (polonium-210 is natural, after all.)


It’s not exactly inconsistent, though.

They shouldn’t be having public hearings. + They shouldn’t be having private hearings. == They shouldn’t be having hearings.

Which they have also basically said. But making hay in such a myriad of ways does indeed make them look dumb.


Also fun: The transcripts that have been coming out from the depositions record GOP committee members arguing about how to prevent leaks and acussing Dems of attempting to release testimony.

As their colleagues were “storming” the secure conference room because of claimed secrecy, Republicans were fighting to try to keep that testimony out of public view.

They don’t want public hearings. They want closed hearings they can criticize for being non-public. I’d expect the “transparency is unfair” arguement to become the new default. They’ve been making it behind closed doors all along.


Trump says something stupid:



In another dimension, the POTUS attending a May Day parade (though not in Putin’s Russia) could be seen as a good thing.