Trump spied on Mar-a-Lago guests: Report

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Surely someone who monitors the private communications of others against their will could never have a place in the US government.


Damn. If I were a guest and had any inkling Trump was listening in on my calls I’d have loved to make a few choice remarks about him. Of course it wouldn’t be during calls to any employees–I wouldn’t want to risk costing anyone their job–but seeing how poorly the guy handles any sort of criticism I’d love to make him fume.

I realize the chances of me even staying at a luxury resort are about the same as four royal flushes on a single deal but a guy can dream.


That’s it! I’m really starting to dislike this Trump guy!


I don’t like this fellow at all, but a hotel owner listening in on calls between staff and guests hardly seems strange–he wants to make sure staff is doing what they’re supposed to do.

The guy is a creep, but he’s also a hotelier with staff to manage.

If anybody wants a used switchboard, I recommend keeping an eye on the Mar-a-Lago dumpster in the next few days.


If I believe this was restricted to calls between guests and reception, I’m a little more forgiving. A notice that the call might be monitored is to my mind, a necessity here, but it falls on the order of a lesser sin if he’s simply engaged in micromanagement. This kind of micromanagement is a sign that he’ll suck as a president, as snoopervision is used only by the worst kinds of managers (i.e. those with too much time on their hands). But overall, I don’t see guests telling hotel staff too much sensitive information. Yes, I wouldn’t want a small, vindictive asshole like to Trump to know something like I needed my toilet unclogged three times, but someone is going to know.

I take this is as less a sign that he’ll push for a bigger surveillance state (which he will, and so will Hillary if the trend holds) and more a sign that he’s going to be incompetent as someone who has to run a large enterprise.


In the great, wide spectrum of behaviors that should disqualify a candidate for POTUS, this seems rather trivial compared to the growing array of egregious jaw-droppers in Mr. Trump’s file.

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Are you sure it is normal behavior for this to occur?

Florida is an all-party consent state. The employees could conceivably be covered by blanket employment contracts, but the hotel guests definitely have to be informed–otherwise it’s illegal.


–I’ve heard the phrase “This call may be monitored for quality control purposes,” often enough to suggest that it isn’t unheard of. If the resort is in a “one party” state, the notice wouldn’t be required.

ed to add I just read the post above, so notice WOULD be required.

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Not unheard of for what, a call center? We’re talking about guests that demand privacy.

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haha, by the way, bull’s-eye!

I’ve never worked for a place like this, but are NDAs standard employment procedure?

Sure, but it’s mainly to protect the guests, who don’t want the staff blabbing to TMZ about their mistresses or drug-fueled rampages or whatever.

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Well that’s a story.

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