Mar-a-Lago kitchen inspectors: potentially dangerous fish, meat too warm, and other violations


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I keep forgetting that most of those guys don’t believe in evolution.


Queue the predictable carping about too much regulation and gubmit interference


Perhaps the kitchen there suffers due to much greater focus on ensuring that there are no surveillance bugs planted there and elsewhere at Mar-a-lago, allowing Trump to openly plot and scheme.


He used that green spray, Benjamin’s All-Purpose Cleaner.


Stop doing kitchen inspections there and let the market self regulate. Give the republican administration the level of safety they are giving the rest of the country. The only problem is how do we get water from around coal mines into the water cooler?


Build a pipeline. Trump and his friends love pipelines. Just tell them it’s for coal oil, or something.



Oooh! Are we doing fish puns again??

This thread is about to become turbot charged.


Not that’d I wish food poisoning on him, but if Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe could throw up on Donald Trump in a return visit, that would close a circle.


“Fish designed to be served raw or undercooked, the inspection report reads, had not undergone proper parasite destruction.”

Seems appropriate - parasites with parasites.


Scavengers will eat almost anything.


From my understanding the hand washing water temperature thing is a load of hogwash, but storing meat at the wrong temperature is pretty concerning. Same goes with failing to properly treat their fish to kill parasites. They’re lucky no one’s gotten sick yet…


Or people have gotten sick but they paid them off with United airline vouchers. :wink:


Words of wisdom: if you work somewhere that has a cafeteria that you eat at regularly, never look up the inspection report for it.


Yeah I was all prepared to say “13 violations? Every kitchen has 13 violations. Even A rated perfectly clean ones!”. Then I saw the temp range in the meats and the lack of parasite control. That’s bad. And if those issues exist that is in no way the end of it. That’s not a little off. A few degrees outside range, or an antagonistic inaccurate thermometer. That’s complete lack of proper safe inventory management.


When you’re not there to bribe and or threaten the inspectors personally, they just do their job.


That’s what Xi said!
Oh boy - my first bilingual pun!


What is most surprising about this story: Florida has kitchen inspectors!


And two dead pigeons in the water tank?