Trump spokesperson doesn't want to go on record about letters from kids

What kind of environment makes a spokesperson scared to on record about letters from kids?
The quote is from a Washington Post story about a kid who sent Trump a letter.

Here are a few other statements that were too hot to put her name to:

“The president gets lots of drawings,” she said. “He loves those drawings.”


Trump’s spokeswoman wouldn’t say how many letters the president reads or whether he contributes to the typed replies that bear his name, but she noted that “the president plays a role in correspondence that have been elevated to his desk,” as Ava’s was.

That’s it. A spokesperson won’t put her name to these extremely uncontroversial comments? Either she is in the wrong career (Spokesperson means you represent your client), or the WH might be a little paranoid at the moment.


Perhaps Trump’s role may involve simply throwing away any kid correspondence that he finds on his desk?


Nobody has the courage to tell him those are actually his daily security briefings.


Poor kid.

I have to say I’m glad to see Trump does perform at least some part of his duties as President.

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