Trump tells Tucker that "sick radical people from within" are America's biggest enemy


IMHO, no historian me, it is more that there has always been a nativist, racist, sexist subculture in this country that had been somewhat driven underground by the '60’s revolutions, and the fascist right wingers had been able to tap into that using things like Nixon’s Southern Strategy. Over the years, that portion of the party has become more and more empowered and open about their views until now they basically own the Republican party lock, stock and barrel. In a horrifying parallel to the “where did all these trans people come from,” the answer is that they have always been here, but now they feel more comfortable being who they are. Sadly, in this case, that is fascist assholes.


The majority of Americans voted against Trump, so who are the radicals in that scenario.


Poor Tucks. He despises Donnie and thinks he’s a threat to the country- but is forced to have him in his show.

Either that or he shriveled his testicles down to raisins with all that radiation he’s been exposing them too.


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“Sir, this is an Arby’s.”


“On our next show we will try to understand why America is so divided.” --Tucker Carlson (probably)


I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already had that episode


Sort of. The surge of dopamine he experienced at hearing the first syllable temporarily blocked his auditory nerve from registering the rest of the phrase “circus clown”.


Hey, I got vaccinated, so I am not sick.
Just saying.


Well huh, that’s an interesting claim. So these billions of dollars you “took” … where are they, exactly?


The future in Trumplandia:

H/T to the writers of “Brazil”


That always seemed both necessary but insufficient for fascism to take hold. Turns out the missing ingredient was overt cruelty.

I knew, intellectually, that the Nazis drew much inspiration from the US, and there was a fair amount of support for fascists until the war, and that racists, homophobes and misogynists still existed in numbers, but viscerally I got lulled into thinking those subcultures were shrinking and weakening. I overestimated the progress of various civil rights movements, society collectively agreeing that “racism” is bad… It turns out that society collectively decided that calling people racist is bad, not the actual racism, that even some of the people voting for Obama were still deeply racist, and even as people accepted gay marriage, they were still looking for sex/gender issues to be upset about (as gender roles became more rigid). I thought “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”


Also people decided that overt, personal racism, such as calling someone the N-word, was trashy, but structural racism was just fine.


Not my original thought, but we need to get rid of the passive implications of that saying. It can be bent if we put our backs into doing the bending. Left alone, I don’t like seeing where it might end up.


Although I’ve heard people justify their use of the n-word as “not being racist,” too. Like, sure, it was being used as an insult, directed at a dark-skinned person, but only because they were upset with that person, not because they want to kill all Black people.

Yeah, if it can be bent right back, then it rather undermines the seeming inevitability of the sentiment. “The arc of the moral universe bends whichever direction people want it to” may be true, but god damn is it exhausting.


Future TV series where everything about Trump is explored in the greatest detail and 100% faithful to the unfolding of events:

[End of Scene 1] “… I took billions of dollars from China…”
[Start of Scene 2]: Trump asking poor people to send him money.

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